Does Tractor Supply cut dog’s nails? Here’s What to Do Next

Does Tractor Supply trim dog nails?

No breed or species will be turned away as long as they’re healthy and friendly. Customers can bring their friendly and healthy pets to any of our low-cost pet nail trims at the Tractor Supply locations in Muncie, New Castle, Anderson and Greenfield.


#1 – Due to us still being in the midst of Covid-19, if you bring a pet into Tractor Supply we require a mask or face covering while Kelley is working with your pet.

#2 – Once signed up customers can step away and wait until their name is called or we can also call you if you put your number on our sign in form.

#3 – Kelley CANNOT sit on the floor for nail trims now so ALL pets will either need to be held or placed on the table for the service. Larger dogs may be able to stand on the floor as long as their owner can hold them and Kelley may be able to bend over and trim their nails.

**If you (or anyone in your home) is sick, has a cold, cough, fever or a current POSITIVE covid test please DO NOT come into the store with your pet – come back when you’re healthy.

CONTACT TRACING – These safety protocols are put into place so if and when we have to do contact tracing all of our customers can be reached as quickly as possible.

Does Tractor Supply cut dog’s nails?

How much does it cost to microchip a dog at Tractor Supply?

PetVet Clinics – Low-Cost Pet Vaccinations and Microchipping Plus, don’t forget to take advantage of our microchipping service for only $19, with lifetime registration.

Lowe’s remains a very pet-friendly retailer with a comfortable store layout. You should only bring well-behaved pets to the store to save yourself troubles and make the visits with your pets enjoyable.

How to Trim Dog Nails Safely