Does wet food make dogs throw up? Surprising Answer

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Is your dog vomiting after eating? When a dog throws up recently eaten food, youre rightfully concerned, but there are a few things that could be bothering his stomach.

First, cover the basics: Have you made changes to your dogs nutrition recently? Does he compete with other pets for food? Has he recently eaten grass? These are all possible reasons his stomach doesnt agree with him after dinner. Find out why they may make your dog sick and when you should bring him to the veterinarian.

What’s the Difference Between Vomiting and Regurgitation?

Youll often see the terms “vomiting” and “regurgitation” used interchangeably. But the truth is that these two are different.

Regurgitation refers to the return of food into your dogs mouth after its been swallowed. Your dog swallowed food, but it came back from the stomach through the esophagus and out of your pets mouth. The esophageal muscles pushed the food back out rather than the stomach muscles.

When your dog vomits, on the other hand, the food is pushed back out of the stomach by the stomach muscles. The contents could be undigested, or they could be partially or fully digested depending on how much time passed between your dog eating and their vomiting episode.

To put it simply, regurgitation involves the esophagus pushing food out of your dogs body before it’s digested. Vomiting refers to the stomach expelling its contents, whether its undigested food or partially or fully digested food.

Most Kibble Is Toxic

Another reason dogs may vomit their kibble is because their body is already suffering from the toxicity of having eaten kibble day in day out for years.

They cannot process any more of the toxins in the kibble. Quite often, they are too hungry to leave it, so they will slowly and reluctantly eat some of the partially digested kibble they just vomited.

Dog Vomiting Water And Not Eating?? What You Need to Do

Yes, dry dog food sometimes known as kibble, can cause vomiting. Kibble is a dehydrated food and is deliberately made to smell very appetising. Given an unlimited supply of this moreish dog food, dogs will tend to wolf down way more than they need.