Dog Ate A Scrunchie

Some dogs will eat just about anything. Food scraps from the table, and off the ground make sense. But they seem to have no discriminating taste when it comes to other things they eat. Not only will they hoover up food, but they will eat anything else they can get in their mouth.

If you have a dog like this, you’ve probably witnessed it. If something fits in your pooch’s mouth, that is where it is going. Trash, their own poop, and even your belongings are all fair game.

While most of what they gobble up is harmless. Some of it can be scary and even deadly. What if your dog eats something that can cause health problems or even death? You need to know what could cause these issues and what to do about them.

So, what about hair scrunchies? What happens when your dog eats a hair scrunchie? The quick and easy answer is: You need to keep a watchful eye on your beloved dog. A dog swallowing a scrunchie can face major problems, but if you and your dog are lucky it could pass with no problems.

Why Do Dogs Eat Scrunchies?

Dogs usually eat scrunchies out of curiosity or boredom. Puppies are especially likely to chew on new objects, even more so when they’re teething.

Because scrunchies are small and easily overlooked, your dog may find it difficult to distinguish between a scrunchie and a real food item. Your pet may come across a scrunchie and swallow it. If you suspect your dog has eaten a scrunnie, you should watch for symptoms of ingested items and seek medical attention immediately. In most cases, the scrunchie will pass, but if it is too large, your pup may need surgery to remove the obstruction.

The first step is to make sure your dog is not chomping on your scrunchie. While most scrunchies are small and will easily pass through a dog’s digestive system, a large one can cause problems. If your dog has eaten a scrunchie, make sure it has not suckered in its intestines. A small piece will pass through, but a large one may not.

If your dog eats a scrunchie, you’ll want to be sure it passes it out and take it to a vet. However, if your dog continues to show signs of abdominal obstruction, you should be more concerned. Your pet may be experiencing lethargy or not eating. Regardless of whether or not your dog ingested a scrunchie, you should take your pet to the vet for further evaluation.

A majority of dog owners love to tie scrunchies onto their dogs, especially small breeds like Pekingese. Dogs get excited when they notice the scrunchie. They love how fun and lightweight it is! In fact, they are often times likely to jump up and even try to bite it. Dog toys do not have much bulk or weight, so the scrunchie can be a lot of fun for a dog to play with. It’s lightweight, and they’re big enough to cause long-term dental damage and other problems if swallowed.

If a dog ingests a scrunchie, it may be difficult to detect the shards in the intestine. Small rawhide is not digestible by a dog. In such a case, it will most likely be passed up. If your dog ingests multiple scrunchies, it might be unable to pass them through its digestive tract.

What happens if your dog eats a scrunchie (hair tie)?

If your dog manages to get ahold of a scrunchy and eats it, you need to monitor your dog closely. Scrunchies can cause serious issues such as choking or blockages.

Even though they are made of relatively soft material, they pose the risk of getting tangled or wedged in your dog’s digestive system. In extreme situations, your dog may need surgery to remove the scrunchie if it does not pass it on its own.

Dogs have remarkable digestive systems. They can process items that we can not. Scrunchies are made of soft material.

As long as they do not become tangled or trapped, your dog will be able to pass a scrunchie. If your dog has eaten a scrunchie, it is important to monitor its bowel movements to ensure that the foreign object has moved through their system.

Scrunchies are also relatively small, meaning that they are easier to pass. In most cases, your dog will either pass or vomit up a scrunchie. However, if your dog eats multiple scrunchies, because of their size and elasticity, your dog will likely not be able to pass them. Scrunchies can become entangled and end up creating a much larger blockage.


What happens if dog eats a scrunchie?

Most of the time, nothing much will happen to a dog that eats a scrunchie, as it will naturally pass out of his system. Sometimes, if a scrunchie has caused a blockage in a dog’s digestive tract, it can cause extreme discomfort and can even be life-threatening.

Will fabric break down in a dog’s stomach?

The issue with animals eating fabric is that textiles are not able to be broken down and passed through the digestive system like a stick. Depending on the size of your dog and the size of the sock, they may be able to vomit it back up or eventually pass it through their excretions.

Can dogs choke on scrunchies?

#9 – Hair Ties

Hair ties are a dangerous item to leave around dogs, because they can easily damage the digestive tract or even choke your pup.

Can a dog pass a swallowed sock?

After your dog eats a sock, you must watch their poop closely to make sure it passes. If there’s still no sign of the sock after 24 hours, schedule a visit to the vet, so they can take a look. At that point, it’s likely stuck somewhere in the digestive tract and in need of surgical removal.