Dog Ate Bully Stick

Dog owners everywhere ask us if it is safe for their dogs to swallow pieces of bully sticks.

In short, yes, it is safe, but we have further broken our answer out into two parts below:

The best solution to this problem is use a bully stick holder to secure the end of the bully stick (the last inch of any stick will do). This way, when your dog is done chewing the bully stick, the remaining inch of product cannot be swallowed.

What happens if a dog eats a bully stick?

Are Bully Sticks Digestible if Swallowed?

Yes, bully sticks are naturally digestible. However, theres more to it than that. If your dog has gastrointestinal problems, they may struggle with digesting pieces of a bully stick. Furthermore, if your dog swallowed a large part of a bully stick, it may cause some problems for your pup.

If your dog swallows a large broken chunk of a bully stick, it could get stuck in their throat or intestines and cause an obstruction and is a choking hazard. This is a severe condition that would require surgery to fix.

Ensure that your dog is supervised while playing with a bully stick and have fresh, clean water for them.

Is it bad for dogs to swallow bully sticks?

No, it is not necessarily bad for dogs to swallow bully sticks. They are solely made from beef and they are highly digestible. However, if your dog swallows a large chunk of bully stick or even the entire thing, it can be dangerous.

Benefits of Bully Sticks for Dogs

Dental Health Bully sticks remove tartar, reduce bacteria on teeth and promote strong jaw muscles. They can provide hours of chew time.

Mental Health As with any long lasting chew, bully sticks stimulate a release of endorphins, promoting good mental health.