Dog Ate Part Of Squeaker

**Advice and content of this page is based on my own personal experience from working in veterinary clinics and owning dogs. Utilizing this post and website in general is not intended to replace the medical advice given by your veterinarian. Always consult with a veterinarian for medical advice concerning your pets care.

Act quickly. Call the vet immediately. Do NOT make your dog throw up unless the vet says so. Inducing vomiting could result in more damage to the esophagus if the squeaker has sharp edges or was made of certain material. If you can visualize the squeaker, try to get it out. Be very careful not to push it further down the dog’s throat.

I have been there at least twice a year, if not more with my dog. My dog was enjoying her new squeaky toy and then suddenly, it’s not squeaking, and I can’t find the squeaker or all the parts of the squeaker. Luckily, each time we’ve managed okay, but I’ve seen enough pets run into trouble with these well-meaning toys.

So, if you ever find yourself in a spot like me, where you’re not sure where the squeaker is, the rest of this post will cover a few more details about what to do for your pup in this scenario and common questions.

What do I do if my dog swallowed a squeaky toy? If your dog swallowed a squeaky toy do not try and make them throw up. Instead you should call a vet immediately to be seen. If the dog is visibly choking, see if you can hook the squeaker out of their mouth without causing harm to you or dog.

Step number 1: Do not panic

First things first, as hard as it seems, it is of paramount importance to stay calm and think clearly. Dogs are natural emotional sponges and can pick up emotions really quickly. Therefore, if you are panicking, your dog will start to feel uncomfortable, thus making the bad situation even worse.

Plus, if you are in a panic, you are less likely to think clearly, and depending on the circumstances being rational and calm can be life-saving. This is particularly true when your dog starts choking on the squeaker, and you need to perform the Heimlich maneuver.

It is recommended to familiarize yourself with the Heimlich maneuver before you become a dog parent. Choking is a life-threatening emergency and requires urgent help. In general, the maneuver is identical, but there are some modifications based on the dog’s size.

Step number 2: Check your dog’s mouth

If you catch your dog in the middle of the squeaker-eating act, you need to check its mouth and see whether the item is already swallowed or not. This step is not something you can do on every dog. Hopefully, your dog does not mind having its mouth manipulated and will allow you to make a simple inspection.

Once you open your dog’s mouth, take a good look. If the squeaker is not swollen yet, use your fingers to remove it. However, if the squeaker is still visible but at the root of the tongue, do not attempt to remove it.

In such cases, trying to fish the squeaker out literally can do more harm than good – you can either push it further down or, worst-case scenario, make the squeaker end up in the wrong pipe and cause choking.


For experienced dog owners witnessing their dogs eating a plastic toy or any other inedible item is not an unusual situation. However, if you are a first-time dog parent and you have never dealt with such a scenario, chances are you will be confused. To make things simpler, we have compiled this list of easy-to-follow steps.


Can a dog poop out a squeaker?

It is possible for a dog to pass a squeaker in as little as 10 to 24 hours. This is only if it is small enough to pass through the digestive tract and doesn’t become stuck. Due to the dangers of internal blockages you should call a vet for an expert view. The answer above what will happen in the best-case scenario.

Will dog poop out toy?

“Dogs are omnivores and probably evolved to eat trash, but they do come from a long line of predators. Most predators know that the prey’s not dead until it’s stopped squeaking. So dogs eviscerating stuffies and chewing the squeaker until it stops is a behavior that’s related to their prey drive.”

What should I do if my dog eats part of a toy?

Many objects small enough to pass through the digestive system may be eliminated with the feces and cause no problems (however do not risk this with coins or batteries).