Dog Ate Stuffing From Bed

Contact the Vet

If your pooch ate a large amount of stuffing, you should take them to the vet immediately. The vet may induce vomiting, or conduct tests to check for an intestinal blockage. Fast treatment is important, because vomiting is only effective for the first 2 hours after they ingest something harmful.

Polyester Stuffing Can Be Dangerous for Dogs

Depending on how much stuffing a dog eats, he may suffer some major medical problems. If a dog eats only a small piece of stuffing, chances are he will be OK. You’ll need to monitor your canine companion for any signs the stuffing’s making him sick. Symptoms you may notice include:

If you know for sure your fur baby only ate a very small piece stuffing, just watch him for a day or two. If the stuffing comes out in his vomit or poo, then he’ll be OK. However, if the vomiting and diarrhea don’t stop within 24 hours, then be sure to call the vet right away.

Did your dog eat a larger amount of stuffing? Then this could be a problem. The reason is that larger amounts of stuffing can cause an intestinal blockage, which can be a life-threatening medical emergency. The symptoms of an intestinal blockage can include:

  • Weakness
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Dehydration
  • Abdominal pain and/or bloating
  • Hunching
  • Whining (due to feeling anxious and possibly from pain)
  • If you notice any one or more these symptoms, then be sure to call the vet right away. Your dog’s life may depend on it. The sooner you call the vet, the better because this could be a medical emergency.

    Can dogs eat fluff from toys?

    Dogs should not ingest fluff or stuffing from their toys or other household items, such as cushions. This is particularly true of polyester fluff, which contains toxins remaining from the production process.

    Even non-toxic, natural polymers present a serious risk if ingested. For example, bowel obstruction is a condition where your dog’s digestive system gets clogged up by a foreign body. That causes several serious additional problems and can be fatal if left untreated.

    If your dog is a serial chewer and tears up anything soft, it’s best to limit their access to anything that contains stuffing.

    There is the additional risk of stuffing becoming a choking hazard. This can also occur when your dog is vomiting up the stuffing they have swallowed.

    Consult your vet immediately if you suspect that your dog has ingested stuffing.

    It is plausible that a dog could pass a small amount of polyester stuffing, but it isn’t worth taking the risk.

    If the stuffing does clog up your dog’s digestive system, the result can be fatal. It only takes a couple of days for the damage to be so severe that your dog might be unable to recover.

    If you suspect that your dog has eaten stuffing, the best thing to do is visit your vet immediately. They will be able to tell you what the best treatment is and assess whether your dog might pass the stuffing.

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    Plus what to do when you hear that telltale “riiiiiip” sound ‍♀️

    Dog Ate Stuffing From Bed

    Your dog is playing around with her favorite plush toy when all of a sudden you hear, “Riiiiiiiiiiip.”

    Next thing you know, she’s throwing the stuffing around like that’s the toy. But what happens if she accidentally swallows some in all the excitement of tearing the toy apart?

    The Dodo spoke with Dr. Clarissa B. Lyon, a veterinarian at Larklain Mobile Veterinary Services in Pennsylvania, to find out when you should actually panic.


    What happens if my dog eats bed stuffing?

    For example, if a tiny dog ate a large amount of stuffing from a toy, you’re going to want to call your vet, because it’s more likely that could result in an internal blockage. Of course, sometimes it’s hard to tell how much they ate, so when in doubt, call your vet.

    Will my dog poop out stuffing?

    Most of the time, small amounts of stuffing will pass through the dog that eats it. Any stuffing that doesn’t break down as it moves through a dog’s stomach and intestines will be passed into the dog’s stool within a couple of days of being eaten.

    What happens if my dog ate pillow stuffing?

    Stuffing can act as a gastrointestinal foreign body that results in obstruction of the bowels. If vomiting is persistent, this is a strong indication that there may be either a partial or complete obstruction preventing food and water from moving forward in the GI tract.