Dog Benadryl Dosage Chart In Ml

Benadryl is used to help dogs with mild allergies, but many pet owners wonder whether their dog can take it, and how much Benadryl you can give a dog. In this article, we will learn more about Benadryl for dogs: dosage chart, side effects, and reviews.

What is Benadryl used for in dogs?

Benadryl is a kind of an antihistamine drug. This kind of medication is widely used against any type of allergy. It usually works short-term.

Histamine itself is a substance released by the cells called Mast cells, which triggers our organisms allergy reactions. Moreover, histamine plays a vital role in human brain – thats why its also used to treat motion sickness.

Antihistamine for dogs has multiple applications – our Benadryl dosage for dogs calculator can be used for all of them.

  • Benadryl for anxiety Vets recommend Benadryl for dogs with severe anxiety connected to thunderstorms, traveling, or fireworks.
  • …for allergies Used for mosquito, insects or snake bites, skin, food, or airborne allergies.
  • …for motion sickness Caused by planes, cars, or boats.
  • …for tumor treatment
  • …for heartworm therapy The use of antihistaminic drugs protects your dog from the overreaction of their immune system caused by the heartworm elimination.
  • A list of Benadryl generic drugs of possible allergy pills for dogs, available on the US market:

    Dont give your dog any drugs without medical advice – always consult your veterinarian first!

  • Benadryl
  • Unisom
  • Sominex
  • Genahist
  • ZzzQuil
  • Nytol
  • Quenalin
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    How do I count the Benadryl dose for dogs?

    To count the Benadryl dose for dogs, you should:

  • Determine the dose you need. Standard Benadryl dose is 1 mg per 1 lb. The dose is the weight of your dog in pounds (lb).
  • If you prefer kilograms to pounds, the Benadryl dose is the dogs weight in kg × 2.2 mg/kg.
  • If you have tablets and want to know how many tablets you should give, divide the desired dose by the dose in one tablet. Example for a 25 mg tablet: desired dose/25 = number of tablets to give.
  • If you have a liquid Benadryl and want to know how much you should give, divide the desired dose by the dose in one milliliter of a drug. Example for 12.5 mg/5 ml solution: desired dose/2.5 mg = number of milliliters to give.
  • How many mg of Benadryl do I give to the dog?

    A standard dose of Benadryl for dogs is one mg per one pound, or 2.2 mg per one kilogram. If you prefer to use pounds, multiply the dogs weight by 1 mg: dog’s weight in lb × 1 mg. If you prefer to use kilograms, multiply the dogs weight by 2.2 mg: dog’s weight in kg × 2.2 mg.