Dog Food Recall Pedigree 2018

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  • Dog Food Recall 2022 — Full List

    All 2022 dog food recalls are listed in the table below.

    Click the links in the table below to see the specific, important details about each recall.

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    FDA warns pet owners not to feed dogs a lot of Natural Selections Turkey with Organic Vegetables raw meals for dogs due to Salmonella.

    Lot code 5339(11) 181026, manufactured on Oct.

    26, 2018. Hills Science Diet canned dog food – Expanded.

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    Is there a recall on Pedigree dog food 2021?

    The affected products included:
    • Pedigree Dry Dog Food, all varieties.
    • Pedigree Puppy Dry Dog Food, all varieties.
    • Pedigree Puppy Small Breed Dry Dog Food, all varieties.
    • Pedigree Dog’s Delight Ringo.
    • Pedigree Dog’s Delight Tasty Bone.
    • Pedigree Puppy Biscuit Dog Treats.
    • Whiskas Dry Cat Food, all varieties.
    • Kitekat Dry Cat Food.

    Which brands of dog food have been recalled?

    On 2 February 2021, Switzerland’s Federal Consumer Affairs Bureau issued a product recall for three Pedigree brand dog food products. The three products appear in the photograph below.