Dog Marking Deterrent Spray

Many first-time dog owners get excited when they bring their first pup home, but do you think they know that challenges come with their new best friend? For instance, if you’re a new dog owner, or if you’re bringing another pup home in addition to the ones you already have, did you consider the aggravation that will come along with “potty training” your pup?

Have you thought about whether you want him or her to be pee pad trained or if you want him or her to go outside to eliminate? In the beginning days and weeks, your new puppy may want to mark his or her territory in the house, as this will make the home feel more like theirs. In solving that problem, you’ll need some advice.

So, while “potty training” the new doggo, have you considered using a homemade dog urine repellent as your backup method to cleaning the messes he or she is bound to make? Either way, if your dog training is not going as you’ve planned, try targeting those problem areas by creating a natural dog repellent.

Citrus Scents: Homemade Deterrent Solutions for Dog Urine

Yes, citrus scents will keep your dog away from certain areas. Grab your fruit of choice (orange, lemon, lime, etc.) and cut them up. Place the citrus fruit in and around plants to keep your dog from urinating on them.

This solution is appropriate for indoor or outdoor plants. If you don’t want to waste the fruit, use the peel from the fruit as a deterrent. To protect your furniture from dog elimination, place a cup of lemon water on a higher surface near the couches and chairs.

Homemade Dog Urine Repellent Recipes and Tips

These home remedies will have you using cayenne pepper, citrus oil, baking soda, lemon juice, pepper spray, and distilled white vinegar for carpet, for furniture, and for lawns. You’ll have the opportunity to get your house smelling like a new home, with no dog urine odors.

Commercial sprays are accessible, but why use them when you can create a homemade dog deterrent spray that works just as well for half the price? Using this recipe will deter your dog from marking its territory in the areas that you spray it since they will not like the smell of the solution.tb1234

  • 1 ½ cups of cold or lukewarm water
  • 2 tablespoons of distilled white vinegar
  • 20 drops of essential oil with a citrus scent
  • tb1234

    Mix all ingredients and pour into a clean, small spray bottle. Spray the solution onto any areas where you do not want your dog to eliminate.

    For furniture, be careful where you spray, as the odor can be intense. Try a small section of the furniture before spraying it entirely.

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    What scents deter dogs from peeing?

    Discourage and prevent marking with natural lemongrass & peppermint oil deterrents. Spray liberally around the home to discourage dogs from marking or re-marking furniture, carpet, walls or any other specific areas.

    How do you stop a male dog from marking territory?

    The Top 5 Smells Dogs Hate to Pee On
    • Citrus. The citrus smell is arguably the best dog repellent there is. …
    • Vinegar. Just like citrus, dogs cannot stand the smell of vinegar. …
    • Chili. Hot chili is a popular dog repellent. …
    • Alcohol. Dogs hate the smell of alcohol. …
    • Coffee Grounds.

    How do you stop a dog from peeing on everything?

    Neutering will reduce male marking behavior in more than 80% of male dogs but will only eliminate it in about 40% of dogs. Neutering is also recommended for female dogs that mark during estrus. Remember that virtually any vertical object that your dog might sniff and investigate could be a target for marking.