Dog Skin Tag Removal Cost Uk

My dog, Brutus, had a very large skin tag develop over the course of a few years before we finally got it removed.

When our dog Brutus was 11 years old, we noticed a skin tag growing between his front legs. We visited the vets and were told that it wasnt harmful, but to keep an eye on it. Two years later, the skin tag had grown into a four-inch (10cm) dangling droplet of floppy skin that was truly unsightly.

I started to notice whilst out walking with him that perfect strangers would stop and stare at him, and children would laugh. Brutus didnt much care either way—if it got him an extra scratch behind the ear, he was a happy boy. I, on the other hand, started to find it embarrassing, I felt like these people were judging me and wondering why on Earth had I not gotten that thing removed?

I checked the tag every day for bleeding. However, it always felt cold to the touch, leading me to believe that there couldnt be much blood flowing into it. You can see in the picture below how large the skin tag was prior to taking him to the vet (you can see it just behind his left armpit laying on the carpet).

How long does it take for skin tag removal to heal?

It normally takes about 1 – 2 weeks for a dog skin tag removal to heal. If you notice any redness or inflammation in the area after surgery, contact your vet for advice.

Diagnosis – Knowing If It’s Serious or Not

The slow growth of skin tags usually means you will not notice them hiding under your dog’s fur until they become so big that they peek out. Signs uncharacteristic of skin tags include pain, discoloration, abnormally rapid growth or swelling.

Have your veterinarian check these lumps, bumps or growths that you see on your dog. Most lumps can wait until your next regular vet visit, but any lumps growing rapidly, causing irritation or in a sensitive area should be checked sooner.

An exam that includes looking at a possible skin tag will cost anywhere from $30 to $80. Your veterinarian will also check your dog’s basic health during this exam. This includes taking a heart rate, temperature, and feeling the abdomen.

Your veterinarian may be able to determine the type of lump simply by looking at it. They may also recommend a procedure called fine needle aspiration.

The mass will be poked with a needle in several locations. Material from the mass will be placed on a slide for cytology.

If your veterinarian is confident looking at the cytology themselves, this can cost as little as $15. If the slide needs to be sent out to a specialized laboratory this will cost $90 to $150.

What Happens After Your Dog’s Skin Tag Has Been Tied Off:

Bruce explained to me the following things:

  • Within a few days, the blood within the tag would start to dry up. This is because the flow had been cut off and over the course of about a week it would then would shrivel up, turn black, and fall off.
  • Initially, the tag could swell up so it would be a good idea to put Brutus in a t-shirt to keep the tag close to his chest so that he didnt try to catch or scratch it with his back paws.
  • So as you can see from the next two photos, I willingly gave up my Superman t-shirt for him to wear. Personally, I think it looks better on Brutus than it ever did on me!

    After skin tag removal, putting your dog in a t-shirt is recommended.


    How much does it cost to remove a skin tag from a dog?

    In general, you can expect to pay approximately $100 for skin tag removal, in addition to the cost of the primary procedure. There may be additional charges if your veterinarian recommends histopathology.

    Can I remove my dog’s skin tag?

    Small skin tags: Small, non-painful growths can sometimes be removed with local anesthetic (numbing the area and removing the growth while the dog is awake). Your vet can simply remove the growth by snipping or freezing it off. A laser or electrocautery may be used for this process.

    How does a vet remove skin tags?

    If a skin tag needs to be removed because the above signs are present or it’s causing your dog discomfort, there are several ways your vet might approach it. Small growths can be removed by giving a local anesthetic, then snipping the growth or freezing it off (a process known as cryosurgery).

    Can I tie a string around my dog’s skin tag?

    Skin tags are not always treated. The skin tag will not go away on its own, but you may not notice it or be bothered by it. You can help remove a skin tag by tying a string or dental floss around the skin tag. This will cut off the blood supply to the skin tag, and it will fall off after a few days.