Dog Spirits Coming Home

Do people keep telling you “everything will be okay,” “you did all you could,” or “they loved you so much and you should always remember that?” And all you want is a sign from your pet, letting you know that they are near and that they are okay. Maybe you keep thinking “how I am going to move forward and live with this loss?” Express your feelings and pain. Know that even though it is hard right now, you are not alone. It is possible to live and move forward from the loss. Not move on. Acknowledge the loss and the love. Treasure the experience and moments you had with them. And remember to look around and you are sure to see signs that they are near.

You are strong. This time of grief is an opportunity for you to look at the world differently. There is a new appreciation for life and this beautiful place that your pet was so happy to be apart of. Try to look at this world the way they did. Look around and you will see signs that they are near, visiting you from the afterlife.

How can we be sure that these signs are our pets connecting with us from the afterlife? Believe it, and you will feel it. Be aware of your surroundings and keep your heart open.

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Dogs’ Spirits: The Scientific Explanation

Of course, for the firm non-believers, the science behind why these encounters happen also offers an interesting angle.

Psychologists John Bowlby and John Archer claim the “reunion theory” has something to do with why people see, hear and sense their deceased dogs.

While many think grief is just an emotional response to the death of a loved one, these psychologists claim it actually evolved from a way to motivate our ancestors to search for someone who was lost — literally.

Thus, based on the reunion theory, grief causes people to search for a lost loved one, even if subconsciously. Because of that, seeing a glimpse of your dog might not actually be that unusual.

Others have added to the reunion theory with their own studies, claiming the “signs” people see are actually “false recognitions.” In a subconscious attempt to find their dead loved ones, even the smallest resemblance of sight, sound or smell might trigger a false recognition.

These recognitions aren’t completely false, though — a sound similar to a dog’s sigh or the jingle of their collar might be entirely real — but because of that internal longing, they’re simply misinterpreted by those who experience them.

There’s no way to truly tell whether dogs’ spirits remain after they die. That, of course, begs the question: What do you believe?

Keep reading below. The next section of this article was written by a veterinarian, and I think you’ll appreciate hearing her personal perspective on the topic of pets’ spirits and the afterlife. Losing a pet can be one of the most difficult experiences when you’re an animal lover. Photo:

You hear their paws jaunting around upstairs

Pet visitations can often wake us up and catch our attention through the creation of noise in your physical space.

Clairalience is possible, even after youve cleaned the carpet, the floors, and the furniture. Smell visitations are one of the most rewarding forms of energy pets use to remind us of them.

Their scent often brings up some of the fondest memories, and our pets want us to remember them in a good way, so this is often a choice method.

How to Cope After Dreaming of Your Pet

The best way to cope after having a dream reunion with your beloved friend is to focus on the messaging of your visit. Reassure yourself that your pet reached out to you to let you know she/he is safe and happy.


Can my dog’s spirit come back to me?

Renee Takacs, of Mars, who calls herself an animal communicator, said a pet spirit can feel its owner’s grief after its death, and can come back to ease their owner’s pain. It doesn’t return because it misses its owner, she said.

How long does it take for a dog’s spirit stay after death?

In Buddhism, it’s believed that an animal’s spirit remains on Earth for seven days after death. During this time, it can attempt to communicate with the loved ones it left behind. What is this? But once those seven days are up, the spirit moves into another body and begins a new life.

What does it mean when a dog visits your house?

The Scottish believe that if a stray (or a dog that does not belong to you) follows you home, you are granted with good luck – even more if it’s a black dog. If the dog then enters your house, it’s a sign of new friendship to come, one that will be faithful, sincere and caring.

Where do dogs go after they pass away?

If you believe that once a pet has passed away the body is just a shell, you can call your local animal control. They usually have low cost (or no cost) services to dispose of deceased pets. You can also call your veterinarian. You will need to bring your pet to the clinic but then they can arrange for disposal.