Dog Surgical Recovery Suit

The VetMedWear® Suit is an e-collar alternative which provides more coverage for wounds located on the side and back where our Gown doesnt protect. Designed universal for dogs and cats.

Made from 94% organic cotton, 6% Lycra, breathable, hypoallergenic, and washable fabrics. The fabrics are specially made to be form-fitting yet stretchable to promote mobility.

Tolerated by more pets than a traditional e-collar which ensures the wound stays protected and reduces the risk of post-operative complications.

Allows pets to recover in comfort without restricting mobility or access to their food or water bowl.

A closable urination hole for male dogs that can be fully spread open by snapping the tie strings to the side of the VetMedWear® Suit. This prevents the fabric from bunching and reduces the risk of pets urinating onto the garment.

Elasticized back opening for cats and dogs allows pets to urinate without having to remove or adjust the garment.

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Washing instructions:

For longer usage, it is possible that the print of the Recovery Suit® and the label could fade over time. With the washing instructions below, this process can be delayed. Washing, maintaining and handling of delivered items always remains the responsibility of the customer.


  • Always turn inside out for washing;
  • Fasten all snaps/poppers before washing;
  • We recommend using a laundry bag;
  • Wash the Recovery Suit® up to a maximum of 90ºC/194ºF;
  • Never put the Recovery Suit® in the dryer! Hang it out and let it air dry;
  • Do not iron directly over the print and never too hot;
  • Do not use bleach or other chemicals to clean the Recovery Suit®.
  • Using bleach and other chemicals can cause irritations to your dog’s wound, surgical area, hotspots or more…!

    TIP! Little (peeing) accidents can happen while wearing the Recovery Suit®. To ensure that your dog remains protected, two Recovery Suits are often purchased. While one Recovery Suit® can be washed, the other can be worn. When your dog needs to wear the Recovery Suit® longer than a week, it’s always better to have a back-up!

    Since the top goes on over the dog’s head, each front leg needs to be lifted and bent to fit through the leg openings. Though the pants can’t be worn alone, the top can. On Atle, it extends all the way to his groin, and because of the garment’s “compressive” nature is less likely to ride up than a t-shirt. When the top is worn with the pants, the top affixes to the pants via wide Velcro strips. The top’s neck is high, offering ample neck protection (earning plaudits from Dr. Tapp) and the ability to be folded down like a turtleneck.

    The full length, sturdy zipper runs from the neck to just under the dog’s tail, requiring it to be unzipped slightly to allow the dog to eliminate. I love the fabric guard under the zipper that prevents hair from getting caught, though, given the quality of the garment, I was a little surprised at the lack of a zipper “garage” (a fabric housing for the zipper pull tab).

    * VetMedCare Bodysuit. The VetMedCare suit we tested was a sleeveless over-the-head stretchy tube with four leg holes, available in male and female versions. I wanted to like this product because of its light weight, simplicity, and long sleeve/sleeveless models. But I question the product’s long-term durability; after one laundering in cool water, the suit stretched out and didn’t bounce back.

    We tested a size XL, which was a snug fit for Atle and even more so for Holden. The over-the-head model was an XXL and was a less restrictive, almost too-roomy fit, although both models feature snaps on the sides that can be used to adjust the girth.

    The “potty flap” can be a little challenging to navigate because of the number of snaps (16 on the XL!) required to secure it. The neck is a wide band of fabric of moderate height, though maybe less than ideal if neck coverage is a concern.

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    Do surgical suits work for dogs?

    It is essential to protect the surgical area for a fast recovery, but the traditional Elizabethan collar causes stress for pets. That is why Suitical has developed a pet friendly alternative: The Recovery Suit®. The Recovery Suit® is a professional alternative for the medical cone and/or full body bandage.

    Can dog wear surgical suit instead of cone?

    The Recovery Suit® is an animal-friendly alternative for the cone. The Suit protects and covers the pet’s body after a medical procedure like neutering, during recovery, in case of skin problems or whenever protection is needed.

    Is a Recovery Suit better than a cone?

    However, for medical conditions affecting the limbs, face, and tail, an e-collar is your best bet. The e-collar works by limiting the reach of the tongue, it also limits the animals ability to scratch at its head. So, it is more versatile than the dog recovery suit that covers only the dog’s chest and abdomen.

    How long should dog wear Recovery Suit after spay?

    After your dog or cat has had surgery (no matter how old or young they are) you MUST keep them restricted for fourteen days.