Dogs Chicken Bones Myth

You only left the kitchen for a minute, but when you return, it’s already too late. The roasted chicken you just pulled out of the oven is gone.

The only potential culprit is sitting on the floor, panting, wagging his tail and looking quite pleased with himself—as if the cat is clearly to blame.

You panic when you realize that your dog has eaten the chicken bones, too. Do you rush him to the vet immediately?

Here’s what you need to do and watch out for if your dog ate chicken bones.

2. It’s dangerous for dogs to eat chicken bones. The fear is that a dog can easily crush a chicken bone with his teeth, causing it to splinter and then perforate the intestine. “But it’s largely an urban myth,” Dr.

How Long Does It Take for a Chicken Bone to Pass?

If you notice no signs that your dog is feeling ill over the next 48 to 72 hours, they are likely in the clear. Look for signs of the bones in their feces during this time period. You should see them pass within that time frame. You may also notice that the dogs feces appear to be a white, chalky color. However, if after 72 hours you havent seen any bone fragments in their feces, contact your veterinarian as its possible your dog may have a blockage.

What to Do If Your Dog Eats Chicken Bones

Dogs are scavengers at heart, and they will quickly swipe a chicken bone out of the trash bin or even off your plate if they get an opportunity. Its possible as well for a dog owner to feed their dogs chicken bones left over from their dinner, not realizing they are putting their dogs in danger. Young children who havent been taught what foods to avoid can also feed dogs bones from their plate with good intentions of treating the dog. Related Articles

Can Eating a Chicken Bone Kill a Dog?

While actual deaths from dogs eating cooked bones are rare, eating bones can cause serious medical complications, pain, and suffering for your dog. In some instances, these conditions can become fatal, such as an impaction in the gut and peritonitis.


Is it OK to feed dogs chicken bones?

No, chicken bones are very dangerous for dogs. “Chicken bones are not good for dogs because they can easily break and splinter, causing gastrointestinal injury,” Dr. Aliya McCullough, Fetch by The Dodo’s on-staff vet, tells The Dig.

How long after eating chicken bones will a dog get sick?

Bones that lodge in the esophagus might cause shallow breathing, pain, gulping, or even vomiting. All these signs are likely to occur within the first ten minutes, but If the bone makes it to the stomach the signs can take an hour or more to appear.