Don Sullivan Command Collar How Does It Work

The Command Collar is not meant to stay in one place. Rather, it swivels around the dog’s neck to accommodate the training needs. This is why I instruct (in the “Equipment” section on Perfect Dog DVD #1) people to adjust the collar so there’s a two-finger space between the dog’s neck and the collar. (However, more space than this will be too much, so take your time when removing or adding links to adjust the sizing.)

When training, you’ll need to operate the Command Collar in different directions depending on the situation. For example, to correct during the “Down” command, it needs to operate sideways. To correct when your dog jumps on someone else, it’s from the top and back. To correct for trying to bolt away from you during a “Come” command, it will be underneath and forward. So, that’s why the Command Collar is meant to freely rotate, to accommodate all of the different types of corrections that match the misbehavior.

Never listen to dog trainers and/or dog owners that promote the need for dog training collars to remain high up on the dog’s neck. This is not necessary, it’s inconvenient for the person handling the dog, and it’s uncomfortable for the dog. Watch my demonstrations and you’ll see how my Command Collar fits comfortably when properly adjusted.

Many people – whether dog owners, or professionals in the dog industry – develop this “high on the neck” misconception from what they see in the world of show dogs – The Westminster Dog Show and the like. They see the handlers prancing around with their dogs – all with super tight, super short leashes. The collar (usually a flat collar which is useless for the purpose of training and keeping dogs under control) sits right up near the dog’s ears, each handler vigilantly obsessed with keeping the dog’s head upright and straight for perfect pose. It’s all about looks rather than obedience, but the dogs are seemingly “good” because of the tight restraint. So, the moral of the story is this: Don’t be influenced by what others do.

When applying my Nature-Based Discipline, Praise & Play Method, the ultimate goal is to have your dog – mutt or purebred – learn to self-govern within the established rules and boundaries. This means eventually needing no training equipment or restraints at all. The dog happily complies and self-regulates, meeting his owner’s expectations because he wants to and not because he’s forced to.

Your Dog Can Be a  PERFECT DOG

Don Sullivan Command Collar How Does It Work

Easy to Follow: Learn simple and clear verbal and visual commands that immediately get your dogs attention.

Don Sullivan Command Collar How Does It Work

Unique Training Tools: Includes Dons personally designed and patented Command Collar and Freedom Training Lines. Not available anywhere else!

Don Sullivan Command Collar How Does It Work

Solve All Common Problems: No more leash pulling and lunging, jumping up, excessive barking, stealing food, destructive chewing, biting, digging, and much more!

Don Sullivan Command Collar How Does It Work

Keep Your Dog Safe: Teach your dog to respect boundaries like an open door, front yard, roadway, and even campsite perimeters with Dons unique and powerful Boundary Line Training feature.

Don Sullivan Command Collar How Does It Work

Think Like a Dog: Learn how your dog thinks and what motivates your dog to follow your lead, whenever and wherever you go!

Don Sullivan Command Collar How Does It Work

Build the Strongest Bond Possible: Create a fulfilling relationship with your dog and enjoy solid, mutually beneficial training results that last a lifetime.

Don Sullivan Command Collar How Does It Work

Get Rapid, Superior Results: Proven more effective than other training programs or classes. Transforms the “whole” dog – heart, mind, and soul.

Don Sullivan Command Collar How Does It Work

Online Streaming Lessons: Computer, phone or tablet -whichever you prefer! Access Dons secrets anywhere for training at home, in the field, and on the go.

Don Sullivans system works so well because its a COMPLETE system.

Your Dog Will Learn These Commands (and MUCH more…!)

Don Sullivan Command Collar How Does It Work

Don Sullivan Command Collar How Does It Work

Don Sullivan Command Collar How Does It Work

Don Sullivan Command Collar How Does It Work

Don Sullivan Command Collar How Does It Work

Don Sullivan Command Collar How Does It Work

Don has taken his 35 years of training success and matched it with his carefully-designed training tools that are just right for connecting with the core nature that all canines share.

Don has then packaged everything that dog owners both need and need to know into a simple, easy-to-learn complete system – that anyone can follow to achieve the same amazing, rapid results that Don himself achieves.

Now you can train your very own perfect dog, just like a pro!



Shocks or zaps: The Command Collar is NOT an electronic collar.

The natural way: The Perfect Dog system mimics the “mother/puppy” pack relationship. It features scientifically proven nature-based principles.

Treat bribery: Food-based training has lots of limitations and can cause many problems. Dons system DOES NOT use food at all!

The best rewards: Don highlights praise and play as the best (and most desired!) rewards for good behavior. Learn how to maximize fun and exercise with your best friend.

Boring training drills: Have fun by easily incorporating Dons methods into the daily routine with your dog. Save time and energy!

Self-control: Your dog will show you attention and learn to self-govern inside and outside the home, without needing constant restraints, devices, or bribes to listen. Transform your dog from the inside out!

Don Sullivan Command Collar How Does It Work

Used By Dog Industry Professionals Nationwide!

“I’m a dog trainer and I get great results from your methods. You’re such an inspiration and a mentor to so many. You rule brother!”

“I’m a breeder…and I use your training DVDs and collar on my dogs, as well as strongly suggesting them to my puppy buyers. It makes a huge difference in the happiness of the dogs and their families. I can’t say enough about your method and the results I get!”

“My husband is a veterinarian, and he recommends your system to his clients. So thankful for this brilliantly designed collar and training program.”

How Does The Perfect Dog Command Collar Work?

The Perfect Dog Command Collar is a dog training collar. It comes with blunt spikes on the underside of the collar. So, when you issue your commands and tug on the collar using the leash, the spike reinforces the instruction by gripping your dog’s neck.

Don’t worry, it’s not painful. It feels just like the mother’s teeth would feel when she’s trying to correct her puppy. Just remember to be consistent with your commands if you want the collar to work effectively.


How does a dog command collar work?

The little spikes on the underside of the collar are to make your dog listen when you give a command and they ignore you, just give it a little jerk and say Sit, Stay or what ever your command is. Just remember to use the same words for your different commands while training ..

Do training collars actually work?

Generally, remote dog training collars work as you set the handheld remote transmitter to send a radio signal to your dog’s collar receiver – this activates the correction or stimulation such as tone, vibration and static pulse to correct unwanted behaviours or reward positive behaviours.