Doom Eternal Green Dog

Charge The Celestial Locator

After getting the locator, you will head into a room with an electrified floor. Get ready for a combat encounter. I know the floor is annoying, but it serves a very important purpose. To teach you a lesson.

If you hit the floor and stop moving in Doom Eternal, you WILL die, so this floor serves as a very valuable lesson. Dont stress, keep it moving, and shred those demons apart.

After you clear out the room, you will find your first Sentinel Battery, a collectible that can be used back at the Fortress of Doom to unlock doors within the Fort. advertisement

Return back to the marker and look for the two metal poles sticking out over the edge of the map (pictured Below)

With your dash, you will now be able to access the next area on Exultia. double jump to double dash to the metal bar on the left using the pull up to reach the second one then reach the platform on the other side.

Once you go through the teleporter, you will be in the darker area of Exultia, one that almost resembles hell itself. Luckily a new weapon will now be added to your arsenal, the Plasma Rifle.

The plasma rifle is an excellent addition to your armory, providing a very high rate of fire, and making glory kills much easier to obtain.After you deal with your first combat encounter in the area, you will then have to look for a way ahead. advertisement

Go through the mouth pictured above and move through the area covered in the purple slime. Be careful moving through this area, the purple slime slows you to a walk and is impossible to jump out of. Eventually you will find a weapon mod where you can select an additional mod for one of your weapons (we recommend the Heat Blast for the Plasma Rifle!)

You will find a sentinel power core at the end of the tunnel

Take this power core to the broken down arm you saw below near the mouth you came in. Sticking the core inside the arm will trigger the hand cannon and break open your path to the next area. This leads to a short platforming area you should have no problem dealing with.

At the top, you will come across 5 green circles you need to stand in.

The will appear one after the other, and once all three have been activated the large door will open, leading you too the next Combat encounter. This will be your first time dealing with Revenant, which are basically zombies with cannons on their shoulders. Aim your sticky bombs or precision rifle mod at their cannons to disable them.

Follow your marker, taking out any straying demons along the way. until you see a wall that is too far away with a floating yellow canister in the middle. This is a Dash Refill advertisement

Dash Refills do exactly as advertised, refills your dash in midair, instead of having to wait to hit the ground and get the dash back. You will find another sentinel power core after platforming using the double dash and refill.

As you imagine, there is another Giant mech to put the core into. This time you will be putting it into the mechs weapon, making a sword bridge destroying the wall in front of you.

Follow the waypoint to the next area and take out any demons. This fight will be in an area with a ton of purple sludge so try to avoid it as much as possible as you are practically immobile in it.

Once the area is cleared out punch the punchable box in front of the mech to the left when you are facing it. advertisement

Jump on top of the box once you punch it to the opposite side of the area, this will let you reach the pole to pull yourself up to the next level and get to where you need to be.

Another powercore will be there for you on the other end. the plug for the cor will be just around the corner from where you found the core. Continue to follow the marker until eventually you reach the betrayer, who will give you a power core for your celestial locator.

There is one more combat encounter for the mission, but it isnt anything more difficult than you have encountered so far. Once all the demons are cleared out the portal to leave Exultia will appear, letting you return to the Fortress of Doom and Prepare to go to the Cultist Base.

Youll meet a Marauder for the first time at the end of the 6th Mission of DOOM Eternal. The Marauder is kind of a mini boss, and hes certainly the most problematic enemy. Its almost impossible to kill him quickly, its difficult to escape from him, and inflicting damage on him requires good timing, while he will demolish you at any distance.

Rebuild the Celestial Locatoradvertisement

In order to find the remaining hell priests you will need to find and repair a celestial locator for your Fortress of Doom. Jump across the gap to the wall you can climb and jump to the wall opposite of it so you can make it on to the bridge on the opposite side. Loading

As you travel throughout the level you will be greeted by a glowing green wolf, letting you know which directions to go for the Celestial locator. He is friendly and lets you know when you are heading in the right direction…too bad you cant give him a nice pet.

As with any level, Exultia is both Platforming and Demon slaying. your first encounter will happen after you break the green breakable wall near the first wolf sighting. This encounter is fairly easy but introduces you to a new demon, the Hell Knight. This demon is fairly quick and bulky, hitting you with heavy power attacks, trying to close the distance between you two as quickly as possible.

Once defeated, you will unlock the Blood Punch, a useful melee attack that will recharge after every two Glory Kills. The Blood punch is a powerful melee attack that has the ability to deal massive damage to groups of demons.

You will be given a short tutorial of the blood Punch and then sent into a combat encounter to test it out. You will also now be introduced to Weapon points. Every level in doom eternal (minus Hell on Earth) has the opportunity for you to earn up to 10 Weapon Points. advertisement

These Weapon points can be earned in 3 main ways:

  • Combat Encounters
  • Slayer Gates
  • Secret Encounters
  • Weapon points are used to unlock upgrades for your guns mods to increase their effectiveness. weapon mods also offer Mastery options that can be unlocked once you have all available upgrades.

    Continue to follow your wolf friend until you get to a spinning structure. You will need to get on top of it in order to take it out. Follow the walls as they spin until you reach the punchable box. This will give you access to the top of the machine.

    Hit each of the chains (pictured above) in order to stop the structure. there should be 3 in total and once you punch the final one the machine will stop moving, drop down, and reveal your next new (and one of the most important) abilities: The Dash. advertisement

    The Dash is by far the most important movement ability you will use in Doom eternal. Not only will you use it for combat, but the dash is excellent for platforming as well, giving you access to areas usually inaccessible without it.

    You will now use your dash to reach the old chambers of the King of the Sentinels, triggering a cutscene and taking the Celestial Locator.