Dramamine For Dogs Dosage Chart

Ahhh, road trips—they’re a ton of fun! Puppies love exploring new places with their owners. But, sometimes, they get motion sickness, just like we do. Cue Dramamine for dogs. This medication helps with the symptoms of motion sickness, from vomiting to dizziness. It’s often recommended to pets by vets. But what exactly is in it, and should you give Fido one of these pills?

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Dramamine for Kids vs. Benadryl. Which Is Safer for Your Pooch?

Benadryl is a similar prescription medication to Dramamine for dogs. The main difference is that Benadryl is much more potent.

When you buy Dramamine for kids, you’re getting a weaker dose of the drug. This makes it much safer for small children to take it, as well as for pets. Ideally, this is the version of the drug you want to be giving your furry friend.

What Is Dramamine? Motion Sickness Pills for Dogs

Dramamine for dogs is a little pill you give Fido before a long car ride. It will help them feel more relaxed and less nauseated. Even if you’re an awesome driver, your pup can feel dizzy and even throw up!

You give them this prescription medication orally. They’re pretty small, so they should be easy to swallow. If they don’t, a trick you can try is masking it in peanut butter or sneaking it into their food bowl. They won’t even notice it.

2 Uses for Dramamine for Dogs

Dramamine is most commonly used to treat the symptoms of motion sickness in dogs. It effectively reduces nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. It’s perfect for both pets and humans who plan on going on a car ride soon.

Another use for it is as an allergy medication. Dogs have allergies just like we do. Since Dramamine for dogs is an antihistamine, it helps fight allergy symptoms. Think of runny noses, sneezing, and watery eyes—Dramamine helps with that.