Edible Nylabones Are Not Digestible

Yes, the edible nylabones are digestible because they’re made from starch, floor, and natural flavors, making them healthy treats for your dog.

Nylabones are plastic chew toys for dogs to play with but are unsafe to eat because they’re indigestible.

When purchasing nylabones for your dog, read the directions of use so that you know how to handle them.

Regular nylabones are made of thermo-polymer nylon, also used to make other plastic products like toothbrushes and plastic car parts.

Since its inception, the nylabone brand has been making various chewable (non-edible) dog toys and a variety of digestible variants.

Dogs can play with nylabones without worry, but they can’t eat them unless they have a label reading ” edible.”

If your dog bites off Nylabone and ingests it, contact a veterinarian without delay for the right advice.

A dog’s teeth are sharp and frequent chewing on nylabone fractures it into tiny pieces that can cause harm by perforating the stomach and intestines.

Inspect your dog’s chewables to ensure they are in good shape, and if not, maybe it’s time to buy new pieces.

Check the toys to ensure they are complete and there are no signs of weakness that can break off during play.

If the ends are too small, take it away and buy your dog a new toy.

If a toy breaks in your presence, it is easy to save the dog from swallowing it.

Consider pet insurance if playtime turns hazardous to avoid worrying if you can afford to pay for treatment.

Worrying about how much a vet visit will cost might divert your attention from giving your pet the best medical care.

Ensuring nylabone remains in its original shape is healthy and safe for your dog to use.

You need to replace your dog’s chew toys or be keen to take them away and replace them when the knuckle wears out.

Allowing your dog to chew on a small toy poses the risk of swallowing and chocking.

Nylabone inedible chew toys: These ones are usually made from either nylon, plastic, or rubber. All are dangerous if ingested, meaning inedible chew toys are only meant for chewing and not consumption. When shopping for one, make sure you pick the correct size for your pup.

What Size Of Nylabone Should I Get?

Nylabones come in different sizes, so make sure you are purchasing the correct size for your pup. You don’t want to get a Nylabone made for a puppy and give it to your 90 pound Labrador Retriever. She’ll have that thing torn up so fast that you’ll be on your way to the vet immediately!

Where Are Nylabones Made?

The company is very clear that most of their chew toys are made in the USA, in their factory in New Jersey. These chews will have an American flag on the package.

However, some of their chews are made in China, and those will be without the American flag on the package. While the company ensures all the safety protocols are followed for the manufacturing of these toys, these options may be the ones youd want to avoid.

What Is Nylabone Made ofFrom the companys website, regarding China made dog chews:

How do I know my dog’s chewing strength and style?

Your dog’s chewing‌ strength and style mainly depend on the breed, weight, age, and behavior around other toys.

However, if you can’t make the assessment, a vet can help.

A strong chewer exerts considerable pressure on a toy, and if the toy is not strong enough to counter the force, it’s likely to break.

Get your dog a large toy to chew from the sides other than the top.

We recommend getting each dog a different chew toy for those with several dogs to avoid accidents when a dog chews on the wrong toy.

You might also want to store them separately to avoid mix-ups.

Nylabone chew toys come in 40 different flavors meaning even the pickiest dog will find an option.

Some of the nylabone flavor chews include:

  • Chicken
  • Vanilla milkshake
  • Peanut butter
  • Fresh breath
  • Sausage with pancakes
  • Nylabone edibles contain ingredients like starches, different flours, fiber, natural flavors, and vitamins.

    The edibles come in different flavors, meaning various flavorings.

    Before buying treats for your dog, ensure the ingredients present are healthy for them and a good fit in its diet.

    If your dog has special needs like allergies, be extra vigilant to ensure that whatever treat you feed it will not jeopardize its health.

    Besides the allergy concerns, nylabone edibles are safe and healthy for dogs to eat.

    You can give them to your pup during training or as a treat.

    Like the hard nylabones, edibles also come in many flavors for dogs to enjoy;

  • Beef and veggie
  • Salmon
  • Lamb and
  • Apple
  • Filet mignon
  • Dental chews are edible chews that promote dental care and are tastier than regular chews.

    Among them are flavors like chicken, bacon, and coconut.


    Are edible Nylabones digestible?

    Nylabone® Healthy Edibles® can be given as a treat anytime. Tasty, completely edible and digestible, they provide a safe and enjoyable alternative to traditional rawhide.

    What are edible Nylabones made out of?

    The all-natural ingredients include wheat starch, glycerin, natural flavor, pea protein, powdered cellulose, lecithin, dried chicken, calcium carbonate, apple, potato starch, oat hulls, fish oil, lamb meal, and natural bacon flavor. Plus, they contain no sugar, salt, or artificial colors or preservatives.

    Can dogs eat Nylabone edibles?

    Nylabone edible chew treats are best enjoyed by a dog who has all his permanent teeth; they are not recommended for the immature digestive systems of very young puppies. We recommend that you consult your veterinarian for the right time to give your puppy edible chew treats.

    Will dog poop out Nylabone?

    The good news is that, unlike rawhide and certain types of cooked bones, Nylabones tend to come off in small pieces. In a lot of cases, these tiny pieces will pass through your dog’s gastrointestinal tract with little issue.