English Mastiff Feeding Guidelines

The English Mastiff’s sheer size should tell you right from the first glance that he’ll need to consume a heavy quantity of food daily. This is no ordinary canine since he is genetically predisposed to have a huge build and stature. At least 6 to 10 cups of dry food will need to end up in his dog bowl to support his growth and lifestyle.

The amount largely varies on the dog’s age, energy level, and health. If you are thinking of going for this colossal breed, knowing what and how much to give will not only give him access to an enjoyable life but as well as indulge him in a mutually healthy relationship with you. So today, this article will give you the guidelines to properly feeding your Mastiff.

Each English Mastiff dog undergoes a series of life stages. At every level, he would typically need different things which will require either a change or an addition to the volume of dog food. Moreover, in pet quality English Mastiffs, they are also required to be spayed or neutered for regulation purposes. With that, their diet will also be significantly altered.

Feeding intact adult Mastiffs

For an intact male Mastiff, aim to feed 8-10 cups a day, while a female Mastiff will eat 7-9 cups. This amount can of course be spread out over 2-3 mealtimes. You should not feed all of this food at once to avoid the possibility of bloat.

This Helpful Video Talks Further About Mastiff Feeding Guidelines For Large Breeds…

The amount of food to feed your puppy changes continuously, and sometimes you will need to readjust it month by month. While, again, the daily quantity of food varies depending on the dogs metabolism, size, and exercise, you can follow these rough guidelines:

  • 4 to 8 weeks old – 3 to 4 meals per day, 100 grams (3.5 oz) per meal
  • 8 to 12 weeks old – 3 to 4 meals per day, 130 grams (4.5 oz) per meal
  • 12 to 16 weeks old – 3 to 4 meals per day, 180 grams (6.3 oz) per meal
  • 4 to 6 months old – 2 to 3 meals per day, 360 grams (12.6 oz) per meal
  • 6 to 18 months old – 2 meals per day, around 500 grams (17.6 oz) per meal
  • You should stop feeding your Mastiff the puppy formula as soon as he hits adulthood. The protein intake in such food is exceptionally high and can be detrimental to the bones and joints of an adult dog. Lastly, to regulate a steady, yet relatively slow growth rate, use specifically created foods for large breeds. mastiff feeding guidelines

    Both the quantity and the number of meals per day vary depending on the age of your puppy. As your young pooch is still developing, vets recommend feeding them smaller quantities of food more frequently. Meal rationing can indeed alleviate the pressure on the delicate digestive systems of mastiff puppies.

    Moreover, by eating multiple times during the day, your puppy will be able to calibrate the calorie level to the energy spent playing or running. This strategy is a great way to maintain the weight of your puppy under control naturally and without much effort.

    At the same time, feeding a puppy only once can encourage them to finish their meal much faster, which can cause them to ingest an excessive amount of air. This fact links to the increased possibility of Bloat.

    Bloat is the colloquial name of gastric dilatation and volvulus (GDV), a life-threatening condition that can affect any dog. However, large and giant breeds are more prone to suffer from it due to their physical build. Youll like these other articles…How To Feed A Mastiff Puppy: These 5 helpful Mastiff feeding guidelines and tips will enlarge your knowledge in this important area.Cost Of Feeding A Mastiff: This page will help you to better understand what your yearly food expenses will be. Perfect for those still thinking of acquiring this food loving dog but arent sure what their wallet is in for.

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    For Mastiff Adults…

    CANIDAE PURE Real Salmon, Limited Ingredient, Grain Free Premium Dry Dog Food from Amazon.com If you love to know what you are feeding your Mastiff, there are no better products on the market than the ones produced by Canidae. Blended in Texas, these dry foods include only limited ingredients from only 7 to 10 reliable and healthy sources.

    Every kibble contains probiotics and Omega-3 fatty acids that are essential to maintain the coat and skin of your dog in the best shape. Lastly, since Mastiffs stomachs can be relatively vulnerable, Canidaes products are entirely grain-free, reducing the risk of allergies and other conditions related to the digestive system of your dog.

    Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Large Breed Dog Food from Amazon.com There are no doubts about what is the primary source of protein in the Blue Buffalo dry dog foods, as it is the first on the list of ingredients. With three combinations of flavor available (chicken and brown rice, fish and oatmeal, and lamb and brown rice), you can feed your dog a nutritious, yet different meal every day. Blue Buffalos products aim at creating tasty recipes that dont include any chicken and poultry by-products and other artificial ingredients. At the same time, each bag is packed with antioxidants and vitamins and certified by veterinarians.

    Purina is one of the international giants in the field of healthy dog food. The Beyond series boast grain-free, gluten-free kibbles that are the perfect introduction for any dogs diet. If your Mastiff is not too happy about switching foods often, you can select a wet or dry version of the same recipe.

    While the first ingredient in Purina Beyonds product is always a natural source of protein, there is no wheat, grain, or corn in the recipe. Specific vitamins and minerals that enrich most formulas help you maintain your dog healthy and fit.

    Natural Balance Ultra Premium Wet Dog Foodfrom Amazon.com

    Some dogs prefer wet foods over dry kibbles. Wet foods are usually tastier and make up a delicious yet nutritionally rich meal. The Natural Balance recipes are the best choice for large-breeds and contain a good mix of meat-based proteins and vegetables.

    If you dont like having to add extra rice or veggies on the side of dry kibbles, these sachets already contain the right amount of carbs and fats.

    For Mastiff Puppies…

    Purina Pro Plan Dry Puppy Food from Amazon.com

    Purinas products wont let you down at any stage of your puppys development. Not only these kibbles contain high-quality protein sources such as chicken, but they also have added benefits!

    Indeed, Purina Puppy Foods include glucosamine, a unique ingredient that assists with bones and cartilage development in large breed puppies. However, no aspect of a puppys growth is left to chance: the added fish fatty oils encourage vision and brain development.

    If you are looking for a natural brand that will stay with you throughout your puppys life, Canidae All Life Stages guarantees the perfect nutritional intake for both youngsters and adults.

    This type of dry food is one of the most loved ones on the market by owners that prefer to feed their dogs only natural products. If your house is home to multiple furry friends of different ages, the Canidae foods can help you manage their diets in the easiest of ways.

    Fromm Family Foods Gold Large Breed Puppy Dry Food from Amazon.com

    Produced by family-owned Fromm Foods, this type of dry food indeed looks after the health of your puppy.

    Aside from boasting a specific recipe for large breed puppies, the formula aims at including essential proteins, fats, and carbs in every kibble. Everything, from the protein amount to the size of the kibbles, strives to make this dry food the perfect ones for younger dogs.

    Mastiffs are huge dogs with an endless appetite. Feeding them correctly through every single life stage can be a challenge, especially for first-time owners. However, seeing your clumsy puppy growing into a majestic, athletic adult can be extremely rewarding.

    When devising a specific eating plan, it is essential to take into consideration the physical characteristics of not only your dog but also the whole breed. Mastiffs are prone to bone conditions and digestive disorders. A nutritious diet, along with appropriate exercise and care, can help them live a long, healthy life. Mastiff feeding guidelines

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    Mastiff Puppy Feeding Guide And Schedule

    Puppy Age

    4-8 weeks8-12 weeks12-16 weeks4-6 months6-18 months

    Cups Of Food Per Day


    Number Of Daily Meals


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    Senior English Mastiff

    It is common knowledge that English Mastiffs have a very short life span. Not all dogs from this breed get to experience seniority due to lots of health factors that come in the way. The best way to lengthen your bond with your big dog is to always keep the weight down.

    Considering that as a dog ages and the metabolism also gets slower, your senior dog would need to consume lesser amounts. This is to prevent him from gaining more weight due to his lower activity levels. His caloric needs highly shift, so the best way to deal with it is to go for a dog food that caters to this specific age group.

    Aim to give him only 5 to 7 cups of high-quality food daily.


    How much food should I feed my English Mastiff?

    Adult English Mastiff

    They are more commonly referred to as intact dogs who have a fast metabolic rate. That means these types of dogs can be fed the standard amount of 8 to 10 cups daily. Female Mastiffs should be given a cup less since gender plays a huge role in dog size.

    How often should you feed a Mastiff?

    NEVER reduce their meals to one per day. Mastiffs should be feed two meals per day throughout their lives. The veterinary colleges tell us that milk should not be fed after 8 weeks of age.

    How many times a day should I feed my English Mastiff puppy?

    Feeding them three or four times per day makes it easier for puppies to digest and help keep energy levels consistent. However, it’s important to not overfeed them, since overweight puppies are more likely to become overweight adult dogs.