Find The Dog Portia

Feed Scraps[]

Make Dog Food with the Blender, then return to the Collapsed Wasteland and interact with Scraps.

The following materials are needed to complete this mission:

Blender Blender
Item Time Materials Sell price
Dog Food 30m 4 Meat 2 Flour 1 Salt 18⁠ ⁠

Upon giving the Dog Food to Scraps.

⁠ ⁠ Woof!
Good boy, come on, Ill take you to Polly.⁠ ⁠ Dog Food -1


The player must have completed Hazardous Ruins in order to access the Collapsed Wasteland.

Can you marry in my time at Portia?

After the player has upgraded their House at least once at A&G Construction, marriage can be proposed to a lover by gifting them a Wedding Ring (though not during a Date). … After marriage, the spouse will come live with the player in their Workshop and share their bed.


How do I adopt scraps my time at Portia?

Find the dog

Scraps is located in the Collapsed Wasteland at the south west shore of the sunken lake. Scraps is seen near a fallen large wooden cabinet. Woof-woof!

Where is Arlo my time at Portia?

After completion, Scraps will wander around town. Once Familiar status (2 stars) with him has been reached, a new mission, Feeling Safe, will trigger that enables the player to adopt him by crafting a Bell Collar with Carol’s help and gifting it to him.