Frequent Can dogs be around mulch? Tips and Tricks

The Potential Dangers of Different Types of Mulch to Dogs

Frequent Can dogs be around mulch?

Cocoa bean mulch is by far the most dangerous mulch for dogs, but it’s not the only type of mulch that can cause issues.

Although cocoa bean mulch is by far the most dangerous, it’s not the only one that could negatively impact your dog’s health.

Some types of wood chip mulch contain potentially dangerous resins and oils, although they aren’t are temptingly fragrant as cocoa bean mulch. Others contain pesticides, and that may affect the dog’s nervous system.

Even some pet-friendly mulches can cause problems for dogs that eat everything.

Rock-based mulches are some of the safest but can cause nasty digestive complications if ingested. They can also cause choking, as can some types of rubber mulch.

Coir or coconut husk mulch is widely considered dog-friendly, even though its ability to retain water means it could expand in your dog’s digestive tract, causing a dangerous blockage in the intestines.

Similarly, the needles contained in pine needle mulch “can puncture or irritate the lining of your dog’s stomach, and the oils can irritate the mucous membranes.” (Source.)

Top 5 Best Mulches for Dogs

Made of organically grown straw, this type of mulch is both dog and child-friendly.

It doesn’t contain any dyes or pesticides and is small enough to pass through a puppy’s digestive system. Top Pick

This processed hay mulch is perfect for garden beds and helping grow grass. It protects from birds eating your seeds – and the straw biodegrades. We also love it as a barrier to keep your dogs (and their paws) out of the mud!

#3 Shredded Rubber Mulch

Rubber mulches are made from recycled tires, so are eco-friendly as well as non-toxic (check the packaging to make sure they are non-toxic).

Some contain larger rubber nuggets that could cause choking so, look out for a shredded rubber version instead. Our Pick

Proven non-toxic, ADA approved for playground use. Covers 9 sq. ft. at 1″ depth of mulch. Package size: 16lb.

Why Do We Mulch These?

Giving your yard a manicured look is sometimes the best option. Suppose you have mulch around your plants but also have dogs and aren’t sure if this is a safe idea. What if your dog or pet eats the mulch in your garden? What happens if they regularly walk on it? Will they be okay?

In general, letting your dog eat the mulch in your garden is unsafe. That’s because many mulches are treated with pesticides and can be prone to molding. Therefore, keeping a close eye on your pets whenever they’re in the yard is better.

Walking on the mulch shouldn’t be an issue as long as yours is wood-based. Wood mulch won’t become hot like rubber options, so that’s nothing to worry about.

As we begin this post, we will cover all things mulch and discuss how to keep your dog safe. Whether you recently laid down your mulching, have an unruly pet, or have other related questions, we’re here to assist. With that said, let’s dive right into this topic!

Generally, having mulch in your garden will be safe for dogs. As we mentioned, wood mulch tends to be the best option for your furry friends, as it isn’t prone to getting hot or being super toxic to animals.

However, that’s not to say all mulch is 100% issue-free. For example, many wood mulches are treated using pesticides before they are packaged and shipped to stores.

Therefore, you don’t want to let your dog eat the wood pieces, or there’s a possibility of acute poisoning. In addition, wood mulch is fine to walk on and play around with, but if you have jagged pieces, this could hurt your dog’s paws.

According to Gaston Mulch & Soil, pine, cedar, and cypress mulch are the top choices for pet owners, as they shouldn’t harm your animal with regular use.