Frequent Do I need to dry my dog after a bath? Tips and Tricks

How to Dry a Dog After a Bath in 4 Easy Steps

For most dogs, drying off is a two-step process using both towels and a blow dryer. Not all dog owners can dedicate the time to towel drying their dogs, blow drying them, and brushing them after every bath. However, here are the basic steps you should follow after bath time.

Drying Your Dog’s Face and Head

When you dry your dog’s face, it is more pleasant if you use a towel. While blow-drying might be faster in the long run, it may not be too enjoyable to your pet. It’s less stressful to your dog when you use a towel to dry sensitive areas.

The good news is, drying your dog doesn’t have to be complicated. With help from The Absorber, as mentioned above, your dog will be dry in no time.

Which of these four methods is best for drying a dog after a bath? It depends on several factors — including the length and type of a dogs coat and the weather conditions.

Air drying after a bath is also not recommended for dogs with thick, long or double coats — especially if the weather is humid. A damp coat can lead to matting and will provide an ideal environment for skin infections and other conditions such as hot spots.

Youve given your pup a good shampoo and scrub down, and now its time to get fluffy — well, fluffy and dry fur on dog. Did you know that there is an art to drying a dog after a bath? For example, some dogs with thick or double coats can develop nasty skin conditions if the fur near their skin remains damp for a lengthy period.

A better way to dry your canine is to use a towel specifically designed for dog drying. The Absorber towel is much thinner than a bath towel but can draw a lot more water. It also has a smooth surface that wont cause tangles in your dogs fur. This towel can be easily wrung dry and used immediately over and over again, which means that you wont need multiple bath towels to dry your pup.

How To Dry A Dog After Bathing or Swimming