Frequent How do you know if a dog hates you? Essential Tips

12They Yowl When You Pet Them

Frequent How do you know if a dog hates you?

A little purr or a wiggling tail when you pet your pet? Definitely good signs. An unearthly yowl? Not so much. If youre giving your pet some affection and they start wailing, theyre telling you in no uncertain terms to stop.

Frequent How do you know if a dog hates you?

Regular grooming is a good sign that your pet is healthy and happy. However, if your pet is constantly grooming themselves, even to the point of creating bald patches, thats a definite sign theyre unhappy. Over-grooming is often an anxiety response, so make sure you take your pet to the vet if you see them behaving this way.

Frequent How do you know if a dog hates you?

Your pet is no dummy. In fact, many animals will show that theyre uncomfortable around a particular person, feeling upset, or scared by refusing to take a treat. If youve ever noticed that your dog isnt too keen on those Milk Bones the vet hands out after giving them shots, thats probably why.

2They Chew Up Your Stuff

Frequent How do you know if a dog hates you?

While dogs have an innate desire to chew, their destructive behavior may be the result of either fear, lack of attention, or separation anxiety.

The solution? Check in with your vet to make sure its not a medical issue, and take Fido to a behaviorist to get to the bottom or it. And before you bring home a pup, make sure youve read up on the 10 Things You Need to Know Before Adopting a Shelter Dog.

If a dog refuses to accept treats from you, they may not like you very much.

Frequent How do you know if a dog hates you?

Anyone who is familiar with dogs knows how much they appreciate a good treat. So, if a dog is avoiding a special snack just to avoid being near you, thats a sign they may not feel comfortable in your presence.

Sueda said a dog might also show the whites of their eyes when theyre avoiding a treat thats being offered by someone they may not trust.


Or maybe you were finally able to rescue a poor soul from the shelter like you thought you would when you were younger.

Maybe you’ve already had a great relationship with your dog but feel like they’ve turned on you and suddenly hate you.

No matter how it happened, we’re shocked when we feel like our own dog hates our guts.

However, dogs can feel fear, especially if the owner has done something to make that fear reasonable.

Of course, that’s a recipe for a dog owner to feel like their pup hates them.

That’s probably where you are right now if you haven’t effed up massively and just provide well for your pup.

Let’s dive deeper into how you can find out if your pup actually hates you and what you can do to get a great relationship again.