Frequent Is there a plant that smells like dog poop? A Comprehensive Guide

What plant has a pungent odor?

When it comes to creating a big stink, the titan arum does it in style. Not only is it one of the biggest flowers in the world, it’s also one of the smelliest. Dubbed the “corpse flower” after the putrid smell of its bloom, these flowers are huge draws at greenhouses around the world.

Dear Cupcake,

The other day, I made the mistake of buying a bag of weed without smelling it. After I opened it up, it looked normal, but it reeked like a blown-up bathroom. Is it normal for flower to smell like poop?

— Dooky Dank Dennis

PS: It tasted fine, but Ill never buy it again.

Keeping on Top of It: How to Get Rid of Dog Poop Smell in Backyard

Leaving dog poop in the yard is not a good idea.

The only way to keeping on top of the smell is to remove dog poop as soon as it happens.

If you see dog poop in your lawn, remove it.

Why wait? It is not an ornament!

You can instruct other family members to do the same.

You can also stay vigilant by keeping an eye on where your dog poops in the garden. If you see him pooping on different spots in the garden, you need to re-train them. Once you have trained your furry friend, use a pooper scooper and a poop bag to remove the poop.

In terms of pooper scoopers, there are two types:

You have to bend down to pick up your dog’s poo with a hand-held device. We recommend the Dog Buddy. You can check the price on Amazon here.

The rake style is great if you don’t want to get too close. The best rake-style poop scoop on the market is the Spotty Metal Tray with Rake. It’s lightweight and easy to use. And it’s very affordable.

What Plants or Flowers Help Neutralize the Smell of Dog Poop?

Using dog poop as fertilizer for your garden may seem like a good idea. Cow and pig manure is used, so what’s the difference? It turns out, however, that saving dog poop as fertilizer might not be the best move. Here’s the scoop on fertilizing your garden in the spring.