Frequent What does it mean when your dog sits in the corner? Here’s What to Expect

When to go to the vet

If this behavior suddenly happens and persists for days…

There might be something ‘off’ with your pooch.

If they’re physically hurt, they may start limping and have trouble moving. And they can also cry when a part of their body is touched.

But if they have an illness, they’ll show some of these common symptoms:

Have your dog checked by a vet asap if you notice any of these signs.

Note: Depressed dogs may also need medications for their anxiety. And senior Fidos require checkups as well.

Why does my dog sit in the corner of the room?

Below are some reasons why your dog is doing so:

The fact is that just like you have certain habits and ways you react when you feel burdened with fear, worry, and exhaustion, well, your dog does too. The secluded and comfortable corner of your room may give your dog a sense of safety and comfort when he feels the world is too overwhelming.

Fear is a primary emotion closely associated with survival in both humans, as well as animals. Your dog may be encountering new people, new scents, or unfamiliar sounds and noises, and this may bring up certain feelings of mistreatment and mistrust for its changing environment.

It could be that the vacuum cleaner is working too loudly, or the new neighbors are making weird noises as they move in and unpack, it could be just about anything. This type of behavior is usually common among puppies recently introduced to a new home.

In which case, you might need to give it a couple of weeks to get comfortable with the new environment. You can help by training and encouraging it to find comfort in other parts of the house. However, if this persists for an extended period, then it would be wise to contact a dog behaviorist.

#7: Dementia

Frequent What does it mean when your dog sits in the corner?

Does your Fido often stare at the wall or anything these days?

This could be disorientation is one common sign of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction or CCD.

This is the aging of a dog’s brain. And it can start as early as 9 years old.

Canines who have this will have trouble remembering things. As well as solving problems.

So their confusion could get them stuck in the corner. Or maybe, they hide in a secluded area because they feel scared.

Because apart from zoning out, PetMD says they’ll also be anxious most of the time. And they’ll show these other signs:

  • Irritability.
  • Withdrawal.
  • House soiling.
  • Sleeping at unusual times.
  • Too much barking/whining.
  • Interesting fact: A study shows that the effects of dementia can be decreased by a certain diet. The meal plan gives the nutrients that a dog with dementia lacks. Like DHA (omega-3) and thiamine. And these were said to help improve their cognition after 90 days.

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    The most common reason your dog barricades in the corner of the room is because of fear. Your dog may be experiencing loud noises, new smells and people, mistrust, or even mistreatment. … If your dog is hiding in the corner, it may be because she truly feels safest in the corner.