German Shepherd Coyote Mix

Are you wondering what the mix between a German Shepherd and a Coyote would look like? Crossbreeding a German Shepherd dog and a coyote results in what is known as a German Shepherd Coyote Mix or Coyote Shepherd.

This hybrid creature is often called a Coydog, which is the result of crossbreeding a male coyote and a female German Shepherd dog (or any dog breed for that matter). If the male is a German Shepherd and the female a coyote, the offspring is known as a dogote.

Is a Coyote Shepherd the Right Breed for Me?

Unless you are an experienced dog owner with a strong background in dog training, the answer to this question is “no.”

The coyote shepherd, if it is indeed 50% coyote and 50% shepherd, is an extremely demanding breed.

These animals are highly active, very smart, but cannot be trusted around small children.

The person that suits the coyote shepherd is highly active, patient, and knowledgeable. These wild pets are not suitable for first-time dog owners.

Both of these animals are extremely athletic, and to keep the coydog from getting destructive, it will need a lot of exercise. To pair well with a coydog, you’d need to be someone who runs or hikes for at least two hours every day.

Long runs, mental stimulation, and a spacious yard with a high fence are all necessities with this mix and will make for a happy and secure coydog.

3 Little-Known Facts About the German Shepherd Coyote Mix

German Shepherd Coyote Mix

What Is a Coyote German Shepherd Mix?

German Shepherd Coyote Mix

The Coyote German Shepherd mix is the offspring of a Coyote and a German Shepherd. This mix is no longer considered dogs; instead, they are known as Coydogs or Dogotes. Other names for this hybrid are German Shepherd Coydog, Coyote Shepherd, and German Shepherd Dogote.

Scientifically speaking, Coyotes (prairie wolves) and dogs are different species of the Canidae family.

The species of Coyotes is known as Canis latrans, while the species of dogs is known as Canis lupus familiaris. Simply put, Coyotes and dogs are both canines; however, they belong to different species.

When you mix a Coyote with a German Shepherd or any dog breed, what you get is called an interspecific hybrid. These hybrids do not occur naturally unless human intervention is involved.

The offspring of a male Coyote crossed with a female dog is known as a Coydog. On the other hand, the offspring of a male dog and a female Coyote is known as a Dogote.

However, in the pet community, “Coydog” is the most used term to refer to this kind of hybrid.


Can a coyote mix with a dog?

The Coyote German Shepherd mix does not occur naturally

Naturally, a domestic dog and a Coyote do not mate! However, luckily, Coyotes and dogs are biologically compatible to produce offspring. This means while they don’t naturally occur, it is perfectly safe to breed them.

Are German Shepherds part coyote?

Coyotes and dogs are related, and they are biologically capable of producing hybrid litters. Coydogs have been raised in captivity.