Greenies For Puppies Under 6 Months

When Can I Start Giving My Puppy Dental Treats?

There are so many firsts to celebrate with your puppy: their first vet visit, their first trip to the dog park, their first haircut. But when should a puppy get their first delicious dental treat?

Giving your young pup dental treats can be a great bonding moment for both of you. Not to mention that you’ll be giving your dog a head start on their dental hygiene routine. And how can you refuse that irresistibly adorable face? You’re only human, after all. Read on to learn when you can safely give your puppy dental treats and how they can benefit.

Greenies Teenies:

In addition to Greenies Puppy, there are Greenies Teenies, which are tailored towards younger and/or smaller dogs. These treats are designed to be softer, which reduces the risk of immature teeth fracturing and are easier to eat. If you have a small breed puppy, these are the treats they should progress to once an adult.

Greenies For Puppies Under 6 Months

Thanks to the shape and texture of this chew, plaque levels are controlled, resulting in less tartar and calculus build-up in the dog’s mouth.

In fact, Greenies claim 60% less tartar build-up and 32% less plaque. This will inevitably mean a lower incidence of gingivitis, bad breath, and periodontal disease.

Rather than breaking or shattering after being bitten, these treats bend. They slide along the tooth down to the gum, removing films of bacteria (plaque) and calculus. This is a similar scraping mechanism that we see with tooth brushing. Keeping plaque levels low is the key to good oral hygiene and minimizing dental disease as a dog ages.

In 1997, the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) made a list of approved dental products that they advised owners can give their pets. And Greenies made the cut!

All pet food manufacturers on the approved list have the seal of approval and are backed up by science. More information can be found here:

Can puppies under 6 months eat greenies?

Feed one GREENIES™ Dental Chew per day. For puppies 6+ Months. Not suitable for dogs less than 5 lbs, or dogs less than 6 months of age. … ATTENTION: As with any edible product, monitor your dog to ensure the treat is adequately chewed.


Can puppies have Greenies under 6 months?

For these reasons, GREENIES™ recommends not giving puppies dental treats until they’re around 6 months old.

What age can a puppy have Greenies?

Feed one Greenies Dental chew per day. For puppies 6+ months 25 – 50 lbs. Not suitable for dogs less than 5 lbs, or dogs less than 6 months of age. Fresh drinking water should always be available.