Half St Bernard Half Scottish Shepherd

Are you considering the adoption of a Saint Bernard mix puppy or adult dog? It’s easy to see why! The Saint Bernard is known as a gentle giant and a capable working dog. Saint Bernards have very handsome features, most notably their distinctive coat markings. But it’s their tender personality and love for their families that has led to their undeniable popularity. Because of this, the Saint Bernard has become quite common as a breed to mix with other dogs while trying to create the perfect giant breed.

You’ll see this quite commonly with other friendly purebreds, most commonly in those with a loving disposition. Typically you’ll see very popular family-friendly breeds being mixed, ranging from big to small. In this article, we compare our favorite mixed breed pups that originate from pairing a Saint Bernard with another breed.

There are thousands of mixed-breed dogs sitting in local shelters across the country. If you love Saint Bernards like we do, but are open to the idea of a Saint Bernard mix, you can find many of the lovable crossbreed pups below in your local shelters!

The Saint Bernard Dog Breed

The St Bernard breed name comes from the Saint Bernard Hospice along the Saint Bernard Pass on the Swiss-Italian border, where these dogs were used as rescue dogs. At one time in history, these mighty canines performed essential tasks such as drafting, herding and guarding as well as rescuing stranded Swiss Alps travelers.


One of the great things about Saint Shepherds is that their energy levels often mirror that of their owners. These dogs are happy lounging around on the couch watching TV, but they also love to get out and run around at the park.

We urge you not to be complacent with your dog, though, because these animals need a great deal of exercise to stave off obesity. Plus, their super-sharp minds long for mental stimulation, so a long walk, a vigorous training regimen, agility training, or all of the above would be welcomed.

If you don’t give your St. Bernard German Shepherd Mix enough stimulation, they can become destructive — and you can imagine the kind of damage they can do.

Does This Breed Get Along With Other Pets?

Given how new this breed is, it’s too soon to say with absolute confidence whether they’re safe around other pets. That’s especially true given their German Shepherd heritage, as many Shepherds don’t get along with other dogs. St. Bernards are known to be loving toward most animals, though.

Luckily, early reports indicate that Saint Shepherds tend to take after St. Bernards rather than German Shepherds. They seem to be accepting of other animals and see them as potential playmates rather than rivals.

You still need to socialize them early and often, though, so they’re used to being around other pets. Also, every dog is an individual, so even if the breed tends to produce tolerant animals, that doesn’t mean the one you bring home will be.


How much is a St. Bernard Scotch collie mix?

A Leonberger played Buck the sled dog in the 1997 remake of “Call of the Wild.” In the Jack London novel, Buck was a mixed breed, a cross between a St. Bernard and a Scotch Shepherd. Diehard London fans were disappointed by the change. The Leonberger takes his name from his lionlike appearance.

How big does a St. Bernard mix get?

That being said, you should expect to pay anywhere from $400 to $800 for a Border Collie Bernard Puppy. When you are looking for your breeder, make sure that you get references and meet the parents, if possible.