Heat Lamp Safe Dog House

Woods Clamp Lamp- Temporary pick

Heat Lamp Safe Dog House


Dimensions: 23X17X13 inches

Voltage: N.A

Weight: 1lb

Hours: N/A

Materials: Aluminum

Maximum wattage: 300W

Other features: spring clamp grips, 6-foot cord, 10-inch reflector, 2-prong plug

You better get the Woods Clamp Lamp If you want a temporary heat source for your big dog house.

It comes with a double ball universal joint, rugged molded plug, spring clamp grips, 10-inch reflector, six-foot-cord, 300W E26 bulb, two-prong plug, built-in hooker hanger, etc.

You’ll get a long cord and adjustable aluminum reflector to mount it in several positions and direct light, respectively.

The bulb is even to the 5.5″ deep reflector. Customers say the reflector is thin and can damage if it drops.

The clamp is detachable. You can hang it on your dog’s ceiling. The sleeves are also scratch-resistant to protect your clamping surfaces.

Customers recommend placing this lamp where your dog can’t knock it off or get burnt.

Few users say Woods Clamp Lamp is great for newborn puppies. Your puppies, however, can go blind if you use it with a regular light bulb.

Some users claimed that the heat is too much for tiny dog houses.

One user said he used it during winter for her outdoor dog house, and his dog’s fur was warm.

Overall, the Woods Clamp Lamp is portable and super-easy to carry. It’s ideal for short-term use.

Customers complain it’s super-flimsy, lacks an on/off switch. Others say there’s no bulb.



Corded vs. cordless heat lamps- which one should you choose?

Heat lamps are either corded or cordless.

Corded heat lamps are easy to install. You can cover their cords but aggressive dogs can chew them.

Cordless lamps use batteries. They’re portable and convenient but expensive in terms of battery replacement. They’re also hard to monitor in your dog’s house.

Our top picks like Zilla Black Reflector Dome Lamp, Simple Deluxe Clamp Lamp, Woods Clamp Lamp are corded. They have a 6-foot long cord.

Whether you pick a corded or cordless heat lamp, put it where your mutt can’t access it.

Is it expensive to run a heat lamp?

100 watts, for 24 hours, is 2400 watt hours, or 2.4 kilowatt hours. So, take your cost per kilowatt hour, and multiply by 2.4. If your energy cost is 10 cents per kwh, then it costs you 24 cents to run a 100 watt light bulb for 24 hours.


Is it safe to put a heat lamp in a dog house?

Is it safe to put a heat lamp in a dog house? A heat lamp for dog house is a safe option when installed properly. They are very effective at providing safe levels of low heat, which is all a dog requires most of the time.

Can you leave a heat lamp on all night for dogs?

How to safely heat an outdoor dog house
  1. Add a bed.
  2. Ensure the home is completely sealed.
  3. Add a doggy door.
  4. Give your pup some warm clothing.
  5. Keep the floor of the house off the ground.
  6. Add insulation in the walls, floors, and roof.

How far away should a heat lamp be from dogs?

A heat lamp can be kept on all night, as different application needs different precautions as well. However, if the heat lamps are left unsupervised can be fatal. Heat lamps for animal breeding can be left on all night.