Himalayan Yak Chew Safe

The right treats for your pup will always be a subject of debate. We understand that choosing a treat for your pet has become a pretty challenging task. The question is, “which long-lasting snack is the best for your pet?” Each popular chew has its own distinct features. Moreover, not all breeds would like the same treatment.

As a pet parent, you’ll also have to consider the nutritional value and the calorie content of your dogs treats. Two of the most common chew treats available for dogs are yak chews and bully sticks. You might have heard fellow pet parents claim that they prefer yak chews over bully sticks. On the other hand, others might argue that bully sticks beat the rest.

This article will help you solve the dilemma between yak chews and bully sticks. We’ve mentioned everything you need to know about both these treats so that you can make the right choice for your pet. Let’s get started!

Himalayan Yak Dog Chews are a safe, natural alternative to rawhide dog chews. These unique chews are made only from yak milk-based cheese and other natural ingredients. Companies don’t use cow milk because it can often upset a dog’s stomach. These yak cheese dog chews provide a variety of health benefits for your pet.

The pros include easy digestion for your dog because it is sourced from grass fed, free-range Nepalese yaks and cows (no antibiotics or hormones). Stringent U.S. testing checks to ensure that the chews are free of bacterial growth before given to your dog. The chews last for several hours so it is money well-spent if you need a long-lasting treat. Also, the chews are high in protein, weighing in at 53% protein content. If you have a dog that needs to watch their figure or calorie content, this can be a nice substitute for your dog.

When it comes to food for your dog, we have the best canine taste tasters on our side of the Mississippi River. Cooper lives to eat, and when it comes to food recommendations for your dog, he will give an honest opinion. However, when Himalayan dog chews were available in our local pet store, I had my reservations about whether the hard chews were good for my dog. We uncover the pros and cons of Himalayan chews. Are they safe for your dog?

Himalayan dog chews seem to be the latest canine treat craze but what are they? They are a hard treat made of yak and cow milk, in addition to salt and lime juice. When sucked and chewed on, the hard treat softens enough to allow your dog to gnaw away small slivers of chew, which is essentially like small cheese bites for your dog. Due to the treat being hard, it promotes dental health by scraping away plaque and tooth debris. The chew is low odor and less likely to stain carpets and upholstery, in comparison to bones. Plus, the chews come in different flavors, which gives plenty of options if your dog does not like the original flavor. Sounds good for your dog, right?

So do we recommend Himalayan chews for your dogs? Absolutely! But be aware of a possible choking risk with these chew items. Care should always be taken to monitor your dog when eating treats.

The reason why I am discussing this topic is due to a post that I saw on our local French bulldog page stating that a dog was chewing on a Himalayan chew when a larger piece broke off and lodged in the dog’s throat. The dog could not breathe and was rushed to the vet for immediate attention. After treatment, the dog is expected to make a full recovery. But this is my worst nightmare.

Are Himalayan dog chews safe for my dog to eat?

The history of dog treats is a little muddied. Some say they were accidentally created by a London-based butcher in the 1800s, but others say the first dog biscuits were invented by James Spratt, an electrician from Ohio who came up with the idea while working in London and witnessing boatmen feed their dogs scraps. But there is one fact that isn’t up for debate: in 1907, inventor Carleton Ellis first developed the now-ubiquitous bone-shaped dog treats.

But dog biscuits aren’t the most nutrient-dense treats, so pet parents began to search elsewhere. For a time, rawhide treats and animal bones were considered the best option, but as health problems – intestinal blockages, broken teeth, and even incidents of choking – became more widespread, many pet parents turned to more easily digestible solutions. At first glance, Himalayan dog chews seem like the perfect option. But are they? We’ve consulted the experts, and here’s what they have to say.

Yak Chews vs. Bully Sticks – Which is Better?

Before we get to the meat of the matter, lets try to learn in-depth about yak chews and bully sticks. These treats can vary based on their texture, taste, nutritional value, and ingredients.

Let’s get started in taking a look at how these two treats stack up against each other.

Yak chews are hard cheese made using cows or yaks milk as the primary ingredient. Canines find the milky taste to be delicious. These treats are highly nutritious with a lot of proteins . Himalayan yak chews are entirely natural and safe.

  • Long-lasting
  • Low salt content
  • High in protein
  • Lacoste-free
  • Grain and gluten-free
  • Fully digestible
  • Generally free from preservatives, synthetic color, or additives
  • The idea of your dog feeding on bull pizzles might not be exciting. But for dogs, it is a wonderful treat. The texture, taste, smell make it a wonderful dog treat. Top-quality bully stick products are derived from high-quality, grass-fed, free-range cattle from South and North America.

  • Promotes oral health in dogs
  • Low in calories
  • Easy to digest
  • Improves a dog’s skin, coat, brain, and muscle
  • Made from natural ingredients and free from harmful additives
  • Apt for dogs of all ages
  • FAQ

    Are Yak chews safe for dogs teeth?

    lasting about 15-20 minutes…. that said they still enjoyed this tasty treat!! Storage: Keep your YAKERS in a cool and dry place.

    Can dogs break their teeth on Himalayan chews?

    lasting about 15-20 minutes…. that said they still enjoyed this tasty treat!! Storage: Keep your YAKERS in a cool and dry place.

    Are yak milk chews safe?

    lasting about 15-20 minutes…. that said they still enjoyed this tasty treat!! Storage: Keep your YAKERS in a cool and dry place.

    How long should I let my dog chew on a yak chew?

    lasting about 15-20 minutes…. that said they still enjoyed this tasty treat!! Storage: Keep your YAKERS in a cool and dry place.