How big do hound dogs get? Expert Advice

French Bulldog Hound Mix = French Hound

How big do hound dogs get?

  • The French Bulldog Hound Mix does not need a lot of exercises, but walking it for a few minutes a day is good for any type of dog.
  • You would need a fenced backyard to keep your Hound French Bulldog Mix secured. This type of dog likes to roam around and can sometimes have trouble finding its way home.
  • The cost of this type of dog often comes to at least $700 if you purchase it from a breeder. This also assures you of a healthy puppy to take home.
  • This breed has a long life span as well of 10 to 12 years.
  • Boxer Hound Mix = Boxhound

  • The Boxer Hound Mix is known for its droopy and wide eyes. This dog also has a silky coat and big feet. Other Hound Boxer Mix have nails, but not all of them.
  • These are muscular, power, and loyal, but you still need to expose the Boxhound to early socialization training.
  • The Boxer mixed with Hound has white teemed teeth. You can usually distinguish a Boxhound because of its white or fawnish color.
  • The Hound Mixed with Boxer is an active dog, but it doesn’t bark a lot.
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