How big is a average dog? Essential Tips

How Big is a Small Dog?

Experts seem to agree that small dogs weigh 22lbs or less.

The general consensus in the pet community is that the weight requirement can stretch to 25lbs.

Small dogs typically stand 10 inches tall, or under, at the shoulders.

This is the breakdown of how canine weight categories are normally separated:

  • Small dog: 22lbs or less
  • Medium dog: 23lbs-55lbs
  • Large dog: 56lbs and over
  • It’s important to consider the difference between small dog breeds, and dogs that are small.

    For example; a Great Dane puppy may be small, but it’s definitely not a small dog breed!

    Breed isn’t always the best indication of whether or not your dog can be labeled as a small or medium dog.

    People often consider weight the best indicator of how small a dog is.

    Small dogs are those that weigh 22lbs or less as full grown adults.

    Dog parents and professional opinions would argue that as soon as your dog weighs more than 22lbs, it’s no longer considered a small dog, despite age and breed.

    Some of the most popular small dog breeds include:

    The popular “toy” and “teacup” subcategories fall under the small dog specification.

    How big is a average dog?

    So, what about dogs that can fluctuate over and under 22lbs?

    Dachshunds are a popular small dog breed, but technically they can stretch past that weight guideline.

    Standard Dachshunds can weigh as much as 32lbs! And sometimes even more.

    The Dachshund breed classifications say that a Standard Dachshund typically weighs anywhere from 16 to 32lbs.

    Does that mean they are small or medium dogs?

    It just depends on how much YOUR dog weighs! Is your Dachshund 30lbs (or over 22lbs)? If so, they are considered to be a medium sized dog.

    According to the AKC, a dog such as the Dachshund is considered to be a small dog breed, but weight does technically play a factor.

    Toy dog breeds

    Toy dogs are small breeds that were bred for the purpose of being companions. They usually have a lot of energy and are very playful. Some popular toy dog breeds include the Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, Pomeranian, Toy Poodle and Maltese.

    What size is a medium sized dog?

    Medium dogs weigh between 20 and 60 pounds. Their height ranges between eight inches and 27 inches.

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