How can I get my dog back? A Complete Guide

Preparing for small claims

Once you are ready for small claims, you will need to prepare the small claims lawsuit. On theSC-100, you will be asked how much money you are suing for. While everyone knows your dog is invaluable, you still need to be able to list an amount. The maximum you can sue for in California small claims is $10,000. In the event that the judge decides that you cannot be returned your dog but you should still receive money for your dog, the judge will establish how much you are owed. Unfortunately, this may occur and you need to be prepare to establish how much your dog is worth as they are considered property not family under California law 🙁 The most straightforward way is if you purchased your dog from a breeder you know how much your dog costs. If you adopted your dog, this is a lot harder and the judge will have to make a decision of how much you are owed.

Don’t give up!

It can be easy to get discouraged if your dog goes missing for any significant amount of time. But many worried dog parents like yourself have been in your shoes and were eventually successfully reunited with their beloved dogs again. No matter if it takes hours, days, weeks, or months, do not lose hope that you can and will find your dog someday.

Watch the video below for some inspiring stories of lost dogs who were reunited with their families 🐕🏠❤️

How to find a lost dog with a Tractive GPS Dog Tracker

If your missing dog is equipped with a Tractive GPS Dog Tracker, great! Here’s how to locate and bring your dog home safe:

  • Turn on LIVE Mode (if it’s not already on) to get rapid, real-time location updates.
  • Check where your dog has been in the past few hours using Location History – they might still be they’re still in the area.
  • Tell friends, family and neighbors to track together with you.
  • Remember that you can share location with anyone (for example, the police) who can help retrieve your dog.
  • Use Find Mode to pinpoint your dog’s location – really useful if they’re showing as nearby but you can’t see them.
  • How can I get my dog back?

    Simple Trick to teach your dog to bring toy back