How can I get my dog to be better recalled? Simple and Effective Tips

When Training Recall Use Consistency & Be Patient

Consistency and patience are key when it comes to training a dog. When you begin teaching your dog to “come here” the rewards must be given readily and excitedly. Clearly communicate to your dog that coming to you was the best choice they’ve ever made.

Don’t rush out and try to train a new behavior in a 3 hour long session. Dog’s don’t have the longest attention spans so keep the training sessions short and sweet. If your dog starts to show signs of growing bored pack it in for the day and start again tomorrow.

Make the Release it’s Own Reward

When it comes to training your dog to come when called it’s important to remember to keep it fun. And one of the easiest ways to do that is to make your dog’s release it’s own reward.

If your dog was in the middle of doing something fun before you had him come to you give him his reward and then allow them to go back to what they were doing. For this to work you should have a release command such as “OK go.” Something to signify the dog is free to go back to whatever it is they fancy.

This works well when there’s many distractions around – give your dog a yummy treat for obeying and then give them the cue that it’s OK to go back to what they were doing. Chances are if you’re somewhere exciting going back to playing is going to be more rewarding than what you were going to offer anyways. They’ll associate the freedom of the release as a positive consequence.

How can I get my dog to be better recalled?

Always Call Your Dog in a Positive Voice/Tone

While this one seems like a no brainer, it’s a worthy reminder. While your dog doesn’t understand english, he/she can definitely pick up on inflections in the voice and will respond accordingly. If you seem mad, angry, upset or aggressive, your dog will likely be fearful or confused and may not come to you the same way. Keeping an upbeat, happy and positive tone with your dog will always let them know you’re safe and accepting them with open arms.

How can I get my dog to be better recalled?

How To Turn AWFUL Recall Into PERFECT Recall Training With Your Dog!

There’s nothing better than watching your dog run around an open space, knowing if you call them back they will come willingly.