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How Can I Keep My Dog Outside Without a Fence?

Lets face it: traditional fences can turn out to be quite costly. Perhaps you had a company stop by and give you an estimate that gave you sticker shock, or perhaps you cannot build a fence because you live in a community where fences are not allowed.

In those cases, what can you do to keep your dog happy yet safe? It often feels like there is no solution and this can lead to lots of frustration!

Fortunately, there are several options to consider that can provide you and your dog with a happy compromise. Lets take a look at some alternatives to traditional dog fences.

Entertaining Your Dog Indoors

You can play all of the games you’d play with your dog in a yard in your own living room. It will just take a bit of creativity while you work with a smaller space.

Hide-and-seek, nosework and free play with toys are all fun to do indoors. Remember, you do not always need to use strenuous physical activity to provide mental stimulation and lessen unwanted behaviours. You can also fill your dog’s schedule with long-lasting chews, puzzle toys, and teaching new tricks.

Playtime At The Dog Park

Dog park experiences are hit-or-miss. Your dog could make wonderful new friends. They may enjoy playing with other dogs. But just one scary interaction with an aggressive dog park visitor can lead to fear-based issues like reactivity.

If you’re going to go to a dog park, you may want to go when there are no more than two or three other dogs around. Dog parks tend to be very crowded on weekday afternoons and weekends. You can get up early and try taking your dog before work, or going on your lunch break.

Make sure you’re well-versed in dog body language before taking your dog to play. If your dog is bullying other dogs, or has become a bully, be prepared to leave right away.

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