How can I make my patio dog friendly? Expert Advice

What’s the best ground cover for dogs?

The first consideration is to decide what you will put down on the floor. If you live in an apartment or somewhere where you have limited outdoor space, then you need a covering that is easy to clean as it will get dirty quickly.

The best covering is always grass. With a little time and patience, you can easily build a grass box for your dog that he can use as his own little lawned area.

How can I make my patio dog friendly?

A simple wooden box with base, filled with either turf or fake grass and you have an instant lawned area that your dog can use to his heart’s content.

We recommend the Kunta Fake Grass which is thick, non toxic and an ideal subtitute grass for dogs. You can find out more about it here on Amazon.

Ideal for a balcony or other area where space is limited.

If your dog will be out on your patio or balcony when you are not in, he will need somewhere to shelter and sleep.

Most dogs are hardy and, provided that they are out of draughts and damp they actually enjoy living outside.

Unless you are really handy at carpentry we suggest that you get a sturdy dog house for your pet. They are available in many different shapes and sizes and are often made from plastic or wood.

We’d always go for the wood option, particularly if your dog is a chewer, wood just lasts longer and being non toxic is less likely to harm your dog if he does chew.

Check that your dog has enough room to stand up and turn around and also that the dog house will fit easily into your space with the entrance facing away from the prevailing wind direction.

  • The floor is raised to ensure a perfect seal
  • Does not absorb odours
  • Easy to assemble, no tools required
  • 5 year warranty
  • Warranty: 5 year (S)
  • Clicks Together Within Minutes,Water Resistant
  • 71 x 71 x 68 cm.
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Large Outdoor Dog Kennel
  • Durable Plastic,Easy To Clean Kennel
  • ⭐ Overall dimensions: 96 cm (W) x 112 cm (D) x 105 cm (H)
  • ⭐ Classic gable roof (pitched roof) dog kennel. Waterproof asphalt roof
  • ⭐ The raised floor remains dry at all times and protects your pet from moisture
  • ⭐ Split-opening roof and removable floor allow for easy cleaning, maintenance, and pest control
  • ⭐ Rot-free plastic caps protect the legs from moisture and increase durability
  • Insulation on the front and all side walls (2 sides and back) Insulation is made of wood (tongue and groove) 1.2 cm thick, then 1.3 cm styrofoam, then 0.2 cm plywood board. Keep your dog warm and cool in summer in winter. Walls 150% thicker than other kennels.
  • Outer dimensions of Norfolk dog kennel: 116 cm (46 inches) width x 79 cm (31 inches) depth x 81 cm (32 inches).
  • Removable base for easy cleaning, maintenance and pest control. Opening roof with 2 locking arms.
  • Planed base, 5 cm ground clearance, allows air to circulate under Kennel to keep the floor dry and comfortable.
  • Made from animal friendly treated wood, designed to last for years. Kennel feet covered by red freely adjustable plastic cap. The height of the kennel legs is adjustable.
  • How Can I Make my Patio Dog Friendly?

    Enclosed patios and fences keep pets secure when playing outdoors.

    When designing a pet-friendly patio, consider the size of your space and your dog’s comfort and physical needs first. You’ll need to put a few things in place before shopping for furniture. Take stock of your outdoor layout and designate areas for each of the following pet-friendly fixtures:

    First and foremost, you’ll need to ensure your pet-friendly patio is escape-proof. Tall fencing, balcony rails that prevent pets from slipping through or getting stuck and screened-in areas for feline friends are essential to keep pets safely contained while they play in the yard or on your deck.

    Make sure your pup can navigate the ins and outs of your deck and patio. Steep staircases can be troublesome for puppies, smaller breeds and older dogs. Wide, shallow stairs make your deck dog-friendly, but store-bought or DIY ramps are a viable solution, too.

    Pets need a place to take shelter and cool off after an enthusiastic game of fetch. Canopies and wood or aluminum cantilever umbrellas offer plenty of portable or adjustable shade, while dog houses, custom or otherwise, provide a more permanent sun-blocking solution for your backyard.

    Your pup will need plenty of water while playing outside. To dress up your dog’s water bowl, find one to match the diameter of a stylish planter that coordinates with your balcony decor. Or, set up an outdoor console table and use the drawers and cubbies to hold various dog care essentials so they’ll be close at hand when you’re out on the deck.

    Plan your pet-friendly patio furniture layout with your dog’s favorite activities in mind. If a wicker sectional or daybed still gives your canine companion room to romp, you’re all set. However, consider downsizing to a sofa set or a few Adirondack chairs if larger furnishings take up too much space. Finding the perfect balance between canine and human comfort is key.

    Pets should have plenty of space to play, plus barriers to keep them in your yard or on the deck.

    Create patrol paths for your dog

    Dogs are hardwired to patrol their territory, namely, your dog-friendly backyard. Dogs will usually patrol the perimeter of the yard, right at the base of your fence. You can’t stop your dog from patrolling, so adapt your yard to your dog’s behavior patterns. Wherever your dog has worn away the grass and created dirt paths, lay down mulch or stone along this patrol route. This will make your dog-friendly backyard more attractive, and also reduce the likelihood of muddy paws from rainy-day patrols.

    How to build a dog potty area outside on your lawn

    The backyard is where you and your family relax and have fun – and that goes for your dog, too! Check out our list of ideas to make your backyard dog-friendly all year long.

    Dogs love the backyard, especially when you, their favorite human, are there to play and interact with them. By making your backyard dog-friendly, you and your dog will want to spend even more time together in this fun space.

    Creating dog-friendly backyard landscape gardens and adding special features to keep your dog safe and comfortable is easy. And especially important for outdoor dogs. These projects can be as simple or as complex as your time and budget allow. Let’s explore how to ensure that your outdoor space is perfect for your backyard-loving pooch.