How can I protect my dogs ears when flying? Here’s the Answer

Can Flying Permanently Damage A Puppies’ Ears?

You can take a puppy on board a plane as well. It is highly recommended to use ear protection for the puppy since their ears are a bit more sensitive. However, there is no data saying that flying will permanently damage hearing, BUT there will be a guaranteed temporary hearing loss. It could last for a few days.

What is canine otitis?

How can I protect my dogs ears when flying?

Otitis externa, as the earache in dogs is also known, is an infection that affects the animal’s ear canal. It can be caused by both internal and external agents.

Bacteria, natural fungi and important mites for the organism live in the ears of pets.

However, when the pet’s immunity drops, they reproduce more than necessary and end up causing the infection.

The entry of water into the ear canal, especially during bathing, or the presence of foreign bodies (such as cotton and dirt) are factors that contribute to the appearance of otitis.

It can still be provoked by the mania that some dogs have of licking each other’s ears.

In addition, earachein dogs and cats is also associated with glandular disorders and autoimmune or viral diseases.

Puppies of the Cocker Spaniel, Basset, Golden Retriever and Beagle breeds are more likely to have this infection.

Their long, drooping ears make it difficult to ventilate the ear canal, increasing the proliferation of bacteria, fungi and mites.

Cats can also suffer from earache caused by ear infections, but the anatomy of their ears makes these infections more rare.

Do Dogs Need Ear Protection When Flying?

Dogs’ ears are up to 4 times more sensitive than human ears!. Being up at an altitude of 30,000 feet will affect their ears! Also, the engine noise especially on small aircraft can damage ears. Therefore while not a legal health and safety requirement, ear protection is recommended, but not 100% necessary, though you could be causing damage if you do not use anything to protect their ears.

How can I protect my dogs ears when flying?

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