How do dogs say I love you to each other? What to Know

You know you love your dog… but does she love you? Here are ten surefire signs your dog would say “I love you” if she could speak.

Who can argue that dogs make phenomenal pets? They are fiercely loyal, adorable, intelligent and oh-so-cuddly – we simply love them. But do they love us back? The short answer is yes. Like humans, dogs express their emotions both subtly and overtly in a variety of ways. Sometimes, though, it can be hard to decode their behavior. Are they saying “I love you”, or do they just want a bite of your charcuterie board? These 10 signs of doggy affection can help you to decode your puppy’s feelings.

1 Staying Close-ByWhen You’re Sick or Sad

Dogs can sense when we feel sick or sad. Learn 5 things dogs can sense and remember that your pup is always there for you, especially during hard times.

Wagging Their Tail or Smiling at You

Dogs use their tails to communicate their happiness to us. They use their tails as a guide for walking and swimming, as well as a way to communicate when approaching other humans and dogs. According to an article from Animal Planet, “We cant talk to dogs so we dont know if they think about the tail wag and then do it, or if it just occurs due to the neurochemical effects of a certain state of mind,” says Lisa Radosta D.V.M. and owner of Florida Veterinary Behavior Service.

Dogs show their love by following their dog parents around. Dogs love us unconditionally and experts say this behavior is typically seen as a sense of security.

Dogs lick human faces for a number of reasons but the most common is to show their love because in a wolf pack, cubs greet their elders with this gesture. Licking faces is done by puppies more often than more mature dogs. They want you to know that they are not a threat and they wish to groom or please you!

Jumping dogs are often unwanted, especially by guests who enter your home. But when your dog jumps on you, they really just want to lick your face and say “I love you”.

11 Proven Ways Dogs Say “I Love You”

Dogs are a gift. Sure, they can be difficult sometimes, especially when they’re rummaging through your bins at 12 am or they’re tearing up the garden when you’re trying to work from home, but all that is worth it for a companion that will stick with you until the end.

Our dogs are fiercely loyal and have a lot of love to give. But how exactly do dogs tell you that they love you?

Your dog doesn’t speak your verbal language, so they can’t tell you that they love you in words. With that being said, dogs have a lot of subtle and not so subtle ways to tell you that they love you. Wondering how do dogs say I love you? Read our article to find out more!

Dusty Springfield was right: the look of love really is in the eyes. Your dog will tell you they love you when they look at you. Your dog’s face can tell you a lot about their emotions. For instance, if your dog looks at you for long periods of time, they’re trying to say how much they adore you.

So, why does your dog do this? Well, recent studies have suggested that both dogs and humans secrete oxytocin when they look each other in the eyes lovingly. Oxytocin is also known as the happy hormone, so looking in your eyes makes your special pooch incredibly happy!

With that being said, you shouldn’t stare your dog down, especially if it’s forcefully. Your dog may view that as a sign of aggression – it’s the opposite of what you want to achieve!