How do I bond with my greyhound? Let’s Explore

How to Build a Better Bond With Your Dog

You dont have to spend hours chucking a tennis ball or taking long walks through the neighborhood to bond with your dog—unless of course, you love to do those things together. There are a variety of ways to grow closer with your pooch.

Teach Your Dog Something New

An excellent way to build trust is through positive reinforcement training, Radosta says. “When you learn something together, it builds the bond. Your dog comes to understand that youll give him a reward—treat, toy, throwing the ball—when he behaves a certain way.” You can use this method to teach your dog good manners, simple tricks, or even canine sports like agility.

For many pet parents, cuddling is the number one way to bond with their furry pals. And it does help you two connect, as long you both enjoy it. If your dog jumps into your lap or smushes up next to you, then you know youve got a dog who likes to snuggle.

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There’s a reason I called one of my books Play Together, Stay Together. Scientists have observed that across a variety of species, parents who play with their children have the closest relationships with them, and this also seems true in relationships between people and dogs. Playing games and having fun together strengthens your bond.

Losing your temper, yelling, or freaking out in any way upsets everyone in the vicinity of the emotional storm, even if it doesn’t have anything to do with them. No matter what’s going on, exude a sense of tranquility so your dog can count on you to keep your cool.

The #1 Secret to create the BEST relationship with your dog! – Creating balance with your dog