How do I get Alexa to play music for my dog? The Ultimate Guide

Dog Trivia

Enable It Here “Alexa, start Dog Trivia”

After youve tried the “Fascinating Dog Facts” skill, you might think you know it all about dogs already. Care to test your knowledge? Then enable Dog Trivia skill – it will test your general dog trivia knowledge to see just how much you know with a series of multiple-choice questions about canines. Our favorite thing about these Alexa skills is that even if you don’t know as much as you thought you did, you still get to learn new dog facts.

Top Nineteen Dog Training Tips

Enable It Here “Alexa, start Top Nineteen Dog Training Tips”

The above mentioned Alexa skill on training has some basic training advice, and this one has a set of different ones that perfectly compliments the first one. So if you’re getting into Alexa skills for dog training and looking for more tips, Top Nineteen Dog Training Tips is a quick skill that covers more than those mentioned obedience basics. We hate that this Alexa skill is such a short one (and hope that the app will continue expanding), but even so, it has some useful tips and information that are worth knowing – give it a shot.

What is Amazon Alexa?

Before we dig into Alexa skills for dogs and owners, Alexa is a home virtual assistant created by, primarily used with Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot devices, and their Fire TV stick and Echo Spot.

Amazon Alexa performs voice-based commands and interaction, makes to-do lists, plays music, videos, podcasts and audiobooks, tells weather, news and sports updates, allows shopping through Amazon and more. Many of these applications can be specifically tailored to dog owners.

Currently its the most popular and best selling item on the site, and the most reviewed, with some devices having over 300,000 reviews. You dont have to buy their most expensive device either, but instead start with Amazon Echo Dot which is cheaper and still allows you to try these Alexa skills for dogs.

An Alexa Routine for your Dog | Amazon Echo