How do I get my adopted dog to love me? Here’s the Answer

Learn Your Dog’s Body Language

Learning your dog’s language is a huge part of bonding with your dog. You will be amazed at the amount of information your dog is trying to communicate with you. A simple head turn, lip lick, tail tuck are all signals to you.

Walking your dog is one of the most powerful and easiest ways to bond with your dog. It naturally gives the dog her space, while still learning to trust you. Avoid any scary situations, such as other dogs, loud construction sites, parks, etc… keep things low key until the bond with your dog is strong.

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How do I get my adopted dog to love me?

Playing a simple game of fetch in the backyard is a fun way to connect and bond with your dog. If he doesn’t like toys, then figure out what he does like to play with… maybe it’s just game of chase, or maybe hide and seek… try different games and see what works. Remember, every dog is unique. Go with what makes you both happy.

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Can you train an adopted dog?

Some will come with their own training. Anything is possible with positive reinforcement, love, and high-value treats.

How to correct a dog’s bad behavior without making him hate me?

Dogs like to know their place in the order of things they need routine and boundaries so to be happy they need to be trained. The key is to be consistent and use lots of positive reinforcement.

If you don’t like your dog begging for example never ever feed him from your plate and make sure no one else in the house does. Always reward good behaviour and never shout or punish the dog as this will just make them confused and fearful.

How to Get Your Dog to Love You More than Anything

There is a common misconception that when we buy a puppy or rescue an older dog and bring them home that it will be love at first sight. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case and as with any relationship, it can take time and effort with a new dog.

​It’s a common issue that dog and the owner just don’t hit it off straight away. There are no guarantees with animals as we know but these 27 tips on how to get a dog to like you will get you going in the right direction for sure.

Puppies are easily distracted by others in the house and do not necessarily bond with someone straight away. An adopted dog can have many issues that make them fearful or nervous initially. which cause their owners to ask “how to get a dog who hates you to like you? How to gain the trust of an abused dog? or gain a puppy’s respect?

We need to understand their needs to know how to build a bond with our newly acquired K9 and what simple techniques will get a dog to love you the most.​