How do I gift my puppy Santa? Surprising Answer

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Before you give someone a puppy for Christmas, make sure they want a puppy and will be able to take care of it. You might want to ask them what breeds they like best and how much space they have so you know whether theyd prefer a big or small dog. Once youve talked to them, start looking for puppies in early December so you have plenty of time to find the perfect one before Christmas. If you live with the person youre giving the puppy to, youll also need to find a place for the puppy to stay until Christmas, like with a friend, neighbor, or relative. Then, on Christmas day, sneak the puppy into a room in the recipients house, and put on some music to cover up any noise it makes. When its time to exchange gifts, quickly take the puppy outside to go to the bathroom so it doesnt have an accident, and then place it in a large cardboard box with breathing holes poked in it. Finally, put a bow on the box before giving it to the recipient! To learn how to help prepare the recipient for their new puppy, keep reading!

How do you give a puppy for Christmas?

Some cute ways to give a dog for Christmas is to create a gift box or basket full of puppy items and gift certificates. Include a small stuffed puppy to add to the cuteness and awe of the present. … The Puppy Experience Basket

  • Collar.
  • Leather Leash.
  • Puppy Treats.
  • Chew Toys.
  • Puppy Kong.
  • Does Santa bring presents for dogs?

    Santa will be bringing toys and treats to all the boys and girls and possibly to some dogs and cats very soon. Just like with children, Santa needs to know what treats and toys are appropriate for dogs and cats because there are so many to choose from. … Food snacks are always a favorite with cats.

    VLOGMAS DAY 16: giving my dog his christmas presents

    ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) – Dogs can make you healthier, happier, and even keep you safe. Two out of every three American homes have a pet. That number significantly increased during the pandemic. And now that Christmas is around the corner, there may be another rush to add a fluffy or fido to the family. But there are a few things you should think about before gifting a pet this season.

    You’ve got your list, but should you give everything on it? After the holidays, local shelters see a spike in incoming dogs, even well into march.

    Steve Bardy, the Executive Director of Pet Alliance, explains “For us it tends to be puppies, they get returned within usually 36-48 hours. People get a puppy at home and they’re like holy schnikies this is a lot of work.”

    Know which dog would fit into the person’s lifestyle. There are several breed match quizzes you can take online.

    Other important considerations, cost. Can the person afford food, supplies, and healthcare? What is their interest level? Have they been talking about owning a dog for weeks or years? The answer is critical. Who will be the main caregiver? Also, does a dog fit into their lifestyle? Do they travel too much? Do they have someone who can watch the dog for them?

    Bardy says, “We ask a lot of questions around lifestyle because that’s ultimately what somebody needs to understand when they are bringing this roughly 15-year commitment into their lives.”

    Waiting until after the holidays to adopt a pet can help relieve shelters of the new adoptees and give you more time to consider which pet is right for you. Volunteering at your local shelter could also be helpful when debating if you’re ready to commit to a new pet. Find out what shelters are near you by visiting

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