How Do I Hump A Stuffed Animal

Since i was maybe 8 i have been using stuffed animals to masturbate. Im now 18 and just wanna know if anyone elsr does it? Is It Normal? Help us keep this site organized and clean. Thanks! [

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hey urm im 15 and ive heard about people humping teddy bears i would like to try it but i dont know how would someone help me pls thanks oh btw i m a girl

Hi im a girl just like you and pillow humping and suffed animal humping is my profession 😉 OK so step one is: take a stuffed animal and i find it easier to sit on top step two: take off your underwear (you would probably want to do this before step one because the clitoral stimulation will feel better naked), step three: get yourself nice and wet (imagine about that boy (or girl) you like and imagine grinding them or put on a porn (i find that easiest)(i also find that a porn with a close up p***y and penis makes it alot easier) step four: start stroking up and down watching that porn or imagining that person and you can go as fast or as slow as you like 🙂 i cum every time :):):)

Im a boy just like you I love to hump my soft toys. Take a soft toy and sit on top or lie flat on it then place your vagina and clitirios on its body or its head/face and then ride it back and forth til you thrust it. I love to ride and thrust my soft toys good and hard. I love the feel of their fur under my penis plus it is a major turn on for me because I like to feel its fur rubbing against my penis which in turn gives my penis an erection and then I ejaculate my sperm all over them-(my soft toys). I ride their heads/faces. I collect soft toy bunny rabbits for practicing unprotected sex on them. I like to squash the bunny rabbits back and its head/face as well as to squash its ears. I hope that has answered your question as far as possible.

If youre teddy bear has a finger.put the bad finger in your vagina and rub it and rub just make sure you take off your underwear

Loading… Oh yh I wish I was a teddy !!

get completely naked and make sure youre Virginia is on the fur

Loading… I just stick its nose up there

Loading… Well I cross over his legs onto his body then I het naked and put my vahina on it then I ho up and down and I go wet. Oh it feels sooo good

Loading… I humped him today in the restroom it felt amazing

Loading… Its easy.Just place the teddy in the middle of your legs and move up and down on the teddy.

Get completely naked and lie on top of bear. then when done that move your vagina thats on the bear in a circular direction

Loading… I just thruster on my teddy until my vagina was hurting…….it was pretty hard

Loading… You just got to get the animal an put it in the right spot on your vagina and go back and forth however fast youd like

Loading… He loves the intinacy. He just hates the pain.

First put the stuffed animal on a chair or the bed then sit down on its head/face or its back/body and if your a girl you force all of your weight down on it then you ride, grind and gyrate your vagina on it until you cum on it. Gyrate your vagina all over the stuffed animal and go up and down and in circles on top of the stuffed animal and you will feel the pleasure as you gyrate on the stuffed animal.

Since i was maybe 8 i have been using stuffed animals to masturbate. Im now 18 and just wanna know if anyone elsr does it? Is It Normal? Help us keep this site organized and clean. Thanks! [


Is it normal for girls to hump stuffed animals?

Mounting (also known as “humping” or “hunching”) is a normal behavior in both male and female dogs. While it is part of sexual behavior, it does not always occur in a sexual situation.

Does cuddling a stuffed animal help?

Therapist Margaret Van Ackeren, LMFT, says, “In most instances, adults sleep with childhood stuffed animals because it brings them a sense of security and reduces negative feelings, such as loneliness and anxiety.” Basically, the tools can provide calmness and a sense of not being alone—much like they might have for …