How do I make my dog more active? What to Know

Try out different toys.

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    Your dog might get excited about exercising if they know it’s coming. Try to schedule your walks or play time around the same time every day. Within a few weeks (or even a few days), your dog will probably know the routine and expect an exercise session with you.[3]

    • You can pick the time that works best for you and your dog. If your pup likes to sleep in, consider taking them for their first walk in the afternoon instead of the early morning. If they go to sleep early, try to wrap up play time by the early evening.


  • Inactivity of your dog usually comes from eating too much or moving too little, or both at the same time. Let’s start by rethinking the exercise we really do when we go out. It’s okay for him to sniff at his favorite playground and make his poop and piss. Limiting his exits to this will not help to let him stay active.

    For maintaining a healthy lifestyle, exercise is considered as the most important part. If you are a dog parent, you obviously want to take care of your furry family member for which you choose the best food for them, make sure that they are well cared.

    But the most important thing to keep them fit and healthy is to ensure that they are active. Some sort of physical activity is necessary.

    If we sit still in the same place all the time (chatting with the dog friends of the park) there are dogs that get bored and can, for example, begin to look for leftovers of food by sheer inertia and feed on dirt from the soil: fatal. It is better that after this first time of sniffing if there is no close friend of his who makes him play and move, you can take a good turn, which will be good for your dog and you too.

    These are some tips that will help you to make your dog fit and more active

    Teach your dog a new trick

    Try teaching your dog a new trick. Whether it’s shaking a paw, learning the name of a favorite toy, or crawling underneath a chair – the possibilities are endless!

    A great trick to try is tidying up. First, teach your dog what “put it away” means, by getting them to pick up one of their dog toys, carry it to a box and drop it. Then you can progress to scattering toys around a room, pointing to them one at a time as they pick them up and put them away, until eventually they’re able to do it with just the command.

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    Being stuck at home is disappointing for both you and your dog. We all know an active dog is a happy dog, but even if you can’t get out as much as you’d ideally like to, there’s still plenty you can do at home to help keep your dog stimulated and entertained. Check out our tips below for how you can keep your dog entertained indoors.

    Dogs need both physical and mental stimulation to stay fit, healthy and happy. Physical exertion comes from walking, running and playing, whilst many different things can provide mental stimulation.

    From tracking scents outside, to concentrating hard on obedience training, or attempting to get kibble out of a puzzle toy – tough mental concentration results in a tired, happy dog.

    A dog who lacks stimulation (of either the physical or mental type) often ends up letting out their pent-up energy in an undesirable manner, such as chewing their owner’s socks or destroying a piece of furniture. This is why it’s so important to ensure your dog gets plenty of stimulation, both mental and physical.