How do I secure my dogs garden? Let’s Explore

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  • Dog-proofing your garden can take a lot of time and effort, but it’s the only sure way to ensure you, your dog, your neighbors, and your plants are all happy! ⧼thumbs_response⧽ Helpful 0 Not Helpful 1
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  • Don’t let your dog out unsupervised in your garden until you have made an effort to dog-proof it. ⧼thumbs_response⧽ Helpful 2 Not Helpful 0
  • Punishing your dog for their misdeeds in the garden is generally unconstructive. Instead, use positive training techniques to improve their future behavior. ⧼thumbs_response⧽ Helpful 2 Not Helpful 0
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    To dog proof your garden, try planting your plants densely so that your dog doesn’t have room to run through rows and trample them. You can also try planting your garden in a raised bed so that your plants are on a different level than your dog’s play area. Alternatively, put up some solid fencing around the perimeter of your garden to remind your pet the area is off limits. Just make sure that it’s a porous enough material, like chain link, so light can still get through to your garden. For more tips from our Veterinary reviewer on how to design your garden with your dog in mind, keep reading!

  • Jenny Longfield “I love you wikiHow – you are always compassionate and thoughtful about the needs of all earthlings, human and non-human. You consider how to make the dog happy and safe. Always use positive reinforcement with animals, never punishment.”…” more
  • 11 Ways to Keep Dogs Out of Your Garden

    Here are a few of the best strategies for protecting your plants from pupper problems. Just understand that you may have to test out a couple methods to find what works best in your specific circumstances.

    How do I secure my dogs garden?

    Installing a dog-proof fence isn’t just great for containing your canine – fences can also protect your plants. Just make sure the fence is high enough to prevent dogs from climbing or jumping over it, and you may need to extend the fence below-ground a bit to deter digging attempts.

    You can also use a more temporary modular fence, if you think you can train your own pooch to stop entering the garden over time. This will require more effort and time spent training, but it’ll save you some money and labor in the long run.

    How do I secure my dogs garden?

    Many pups won’t bother getting into a garden if it’s bordered by thick bushes or some dog-repelling plants.

    Just note that you’ll want to keep an extra eye on your dog when employing this approach. A lot of the best dog-repelling plants have sharp spines or leaves, and you don’t want to unintentionally injure your pet.

    You’ll also have to weigh the potential danger these plants represent for other dogs who may be interested in your garden.

    Nevertheless, this method can be very helpful and also spruce up the overall apearance of your garden.

    How do I secure my dogs garden?

    Motion-activated sprinklers may give some dogs the slight jolt they need to leave your garden alone. As a bonus, the additional water the sprinklers spray may help your plant-watering needs!

    Just note that some water-loving pups might not be deterred by sprinklers.

    If you think this strategy might be a good fit for your furry friend, we think the Orbit Motion-Activated Sprinkler is clearly one of the best. It comes with a built-in spike you can use to install it in your garden, and it has an adjustable range, so you can aim it in the most effective direction.

    How do I secure my dogs garden?

    Dogs have an excellent sense of smell, and they are more sensitive to certain scents than we are. So, you may want to try making a DIY dog repellent spray to keep local doggos out of your garden.

    Some of the best dog-repelling ingredients include things like apple cider vinegar, citrus, and small amounts of cayenne pepper (just go easy with the cayenne – it can be incredibly irritating to dogs).

    How do I secure my dogs garden?

    Unfortunately, this method will only work with your furry friend – it won’t work for the other dogs in the neighborhood. But you can definitely train your dog to avoid the garden area completely.

    Whenever you spend time outside with your furry friend, offer a stern “No” when your dog approaches the garden area, and redirect him to a preferred play area. Once he moves away from your garden, reward him with plenty of praise and treats.

    Your dog will get the message eventually, but it may be helpful to set up temporary barriers, such as a fence in the meantime.

    How do I secure my dogs garden?

    Some dogs definitely seem dead set on damaging your plants. They may tear off leaves, nom on tasty fruits and veggies, or dig up plants entirely. But others just cause problems by running through your little plot of plants.

    In these cases, you might just need to create an alternative path through or around the garden to prevent your pooch from running into your plants. You’ll have to figure out the best path to lay out, but make it pooch-appealing by using a soft material, such as dog-safe mulch or AstroTurf to create the path.

    And you can further discourage dogs from setting foot in the garden area by creating a rockier texture with pebbles or other substrate around your plants. Given the choice, most dogs will stick to walking on soft, paw-pleasing surfaces.

    10 Effective Tips to Dog Proof Your Garden – Pet-Friendly Tips To Keep Your Garden & Your Dog Safe