How do I stop my dog from jumping up and biting? Surprising Answer

Many clients tell me that they love it when they come home and their dog jumps all over them and is so pleased to see them. It only becomes an issue when elderly parents, children visit or their dog starts to jump at random strangers on a walk. Even worse if they start to bite with the jump.

It’s vital to understand that you are training your dog 24 hours a day. Any time a dog is allowed to repeat a behaviour, such as jumping and nipping, it becomes a default behaviour. If your dog has rehearsed jumping every time they see you, you have inadvertently trained them to do just this.

The second you have your dog’s attention firmly tell your dog to Sit and offer a treat. You must stay calm and assertive as you do this. Your dog will soon learn that your arrival (or a visitors) means that rather than jumping and biting, something good happens when they are calm and sit.

To tempt your dog, hold treats in your hands and stand in front of your dog.

Along with patience, time, and commitment to your dogs obedience training, expect to have treats, toys to offer, and the idea of the habits you would like to see your dog have such as sitting when a guest comes to visit instead of jumping and nipping at your guests.

If your dog jumps and bites you when he is excited, its because he wants attention from you. One trick is to get down on his level instead of having him jump up to yours.

With consistency, every time your dog jumps up and bites you, squat down to his level to give him affection and a treat to bite instead of you.

Teach anyone around your dog if they would like to pet your dog, he needs to be calm sitting or lying down and not jumping up before they are allowed to touch him.

Teach puppies that hands are good things

  • All interactions with your hands should be gentle and soothing; stroking, ear rubs, back-scratching etc. Your puppy should learn that your hands are good things and not tug toys or dog chews.
  • I HAVE to get this dog to STOP BITING & JUMPING! REALITY Dog Training.

    Feeling a sharp nip on your arm from your new puppy can hurt! And, of course, a slobbery arm from mouthing can be uncomfortable. Although your puppy doesn’t mean any harm, it’s important for them to learn what is and isn’t good behaviour to carry on into their adulthood. Find out how to stop puppy biting and how to stop puppy mouthing and chewing by reading on.