How do I stop my dog from stealing on the worktop? Essential Tips

Do not give food to a begging dog

Dogs begging for food is typical when we eat or cook. They are perfect manipulators. Dogs can come up to the table or counter with their sad, wet eyes, and we want to give them everything they want. Weve all been there. We understand. But, realize that might only make them come back more often. Dont feel sorry for your begging dog! Remember that its well-fed and in no danger of starving.

One of the best ways to stop dog counter surfing is providing loads of physical and mental stimulation throughout the day. Nice long walks on the leash, games, and training are all great for this purpose. Sometimes, your dog keeps stealing food just because of boredom. Dont forget that keeping your dog active will help tackle unwanted behaviors, such as stealing food or counter-surfing.

OK, but how to keep the dog off the table when not home? A pet camera that tosses treats is a great way to monitor your dogs behavior and reward them for being a good boy or girl. Interactive pet cameras usually come with 2-way audio and sound and motion alerts, so if you catch your dog counter surfing or just being naughty, you will know right away and can tell them to stop. Then fling a treat as a reward. Your dog will be excited!

Why does my dog steal food off the counter?

Why does your dog counter surf? Most likely because he’s found food doing it and hence has been rewarded. It’s like if you found $10,000 on your doorstep one day, I bet you would keep checking that doorstep… and even more so if you found it a few times (wouldn’t that be nice!). So let’s ensure food isn’t left so he doesn’t self reward himself.

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How do I stop my dog from stealing on the worktop?

Cesar Teaches How to Prevent Dogs From Stealing Food

Often our dogs do things we really don’t want them to do. Stealing food from the table or even off the kitchen worktop is extremely anti-social and unhygienic so should be stopped. Not only that, but you are going to go without food, and it could even make your dog very ill if they steal the wrong food off your tabletops.

There are some tried and trusted ways of stopping your dog from grabbing food from worktops and tables. It will take some perseverance and patience from your side. Not only can it be done but it’s essential too if you want to keep your dog healthy.

Below are the best tips on how to stop a dog stealing food off the table or worktop, even when you are not at home.