How do I teach my dog to be playful? Find Out Here

Why Play is Important

There are many reasons why play time is important for all dogs.

Here are a few:

  • Keeps dogs active and therefore healthier
  • Stimulates their brain
  • Burns excess energy so they are less likely to engage in bad behaviors
  • Strengthens your bond
  • Can help with training
  • Play can be a key to bonding, staying healthy and letting your dog use his brain for things like problem solving. A dog that does not play, either because he was never interested or because as he got older he seemed to lose interest, is missing out on these important things in life. Plus, you are missing out on the joy of play-time with your best friend.

    Teach the Rules

    Sometimes teaching a dog to play involves more than simply slowly introducing it to the idea. Games like fetch, for instance, have more than one part. It might be easy to teach your dog to run and pick up a ball you throw, but itll have to know “come” and “drop it” in order for the game to continue smoothly without turning into a game of chase. If your dog is having trouble playing, make sure it knows the basic commands involved in playing the game.

    Why Dog Training Sometimes Doesn’t Work

    Dog training usually takes place in a controlled environment like puppy school or dog training classes. Teaching a dog new behaviors in this environment is usually successful – your dog is active, engaged, challenged, and she soon learns where the boundaries are. And when you’re both learning, you’re more likely to be consistent about working with your dog on behavior. But you and your dog go back to everyday life … and back come the old habits!

    Training your dog didn’t change her mentality. That’s why it’s relatively easy, for dogs as well as humans, to change their behavior in a controlled environment. However, when you get back into your old environment, the newly learned behavior seldom sticks.

    The answer is to replace the old behavior with something new. It’s time to play with your dog!

    It really is that simple … your dog needs to play. Dogs are playful. It’s how they express themselves and get rid of extra energy. It prevents boredom, encourages your dog to use her instincts, her mental capacity, and get exercise at the same time. What could be better for your dog than spending time with her owner … chasing, searching, or just having fun while walking? If you want a well-adjusted and happy dog, you need to find the time to play with her.

    How often and how long you play depends on your dog’s age and breed. Puppies need short, regular playtime because they tire easily, while older dogs need more gentle play to keep them active, healthy and alert. Active working or sporting breeds obviously need more strenuous playtime than more sedentary dogs.

    Playtime can be as little as 10 to 15 minutes at a time. It can help your dog be relaxed and confident, and it can help you manage her behavior.

    3 Ways to Get your Dog Playing!

    Dogs are social animals and one of the ways they build and learn about relationships and communication is through play.

    Playing with your dog regularly will teach you about your dog’s personality and strengthen the bond between you. By preventing boredom, providing exercise and giving an outlet for your dogs natural instincts, play can ensure inappropriate behaviour does not develop.