How do I teach my dog to say I love you? Expert Advice

Saying “I Love You” Isn’t Always Easy – Especially For Certain Breeds

How do I teach my dog to say I love you?

Saying those three special words can be hard! Keep in mind that this trick is going to be quite difficult.

If your dog isn’t naturally very vocal, you might have a hard time teaching her to say “I love you,” (or anything else for that matter. Some breeds, like huskies, are known for being vocal, making them better candidates for this tricky trick. You may have better luck with this trick if your dog already makes some strange sounds!

Even if your dog is fairly vocal, this trick gets technical!

We’re going to go over clicker training, capturing behaviors, cueing behaviors, and shaping behaviors. Learning all these skills is essential for getting your dog to talk, and will help you and your pup succeed with all sorts of fun tricks in the future!

Also keep in mind that each animal, trainer, and relationship is unique. This “How To” can be fluid and changed. Think of it more like a guide than a manual.

Step 1: Charging The Clicker

The first step on your training adventure begins with charging the clicker. This step is important because right now, your dog doesn’t know what the clicker signifies. You’ll need to teach her that the “click” sound means that she’s about to get a treat! Trainers call this “charging” the clicker because it’s like charging your phone – you’re getting it ready for use!

Sit in a quiet place with your dog and click the clicker. Then give your dog a treat. Do this over and over again. Soon, the click will predict a treat to your dog, the same way Pavlov’s bell predicted food for his dogs.

Once your dog knows that the clicker means, “Good dog, now you’re getting a treat,” you’re in business! You can use a clicker to train your dog to do almost anything, so feel free to experiment with it. Just remember that the click is a promise to reward the dog for her hard work. Don’t forget to give her the paycheck (treats)!

Feed Them by Hand

The fastest way to a dogs heart is usually through his stomach. Youve already seen the way your dog stares at the last slice of pizza, and dinner time is probably his favorite part of the day. But being offered food is about more than basic sustenance and deliciousness.

When you feed dog treats directly from your hand, you show that youre the food provider and directly responsible for his momentary euphoria. But its also an intimate experience that tells your dog you care.

How To Teach Your Dog To Say I Love You

Sometimes (or all the time), the love you have for your dog is so overwhelming you cant keep it in. The way they tilt their head when you talk to them and how they have this wonderful tendency to always fall asleep in a cute position; its impossible to not fall head over heels in love with your dog.

Dog owners want to declare our love from the tallest mountain and scream it from the rooftops, but even that wont be sufficient enough to convey your feelings to your furry friend. You and your dog share a special bond, but a language barrier is keeping you from expressing all you have to say.

So, how do you say to your dog, “I love you,” and be sure they get the message? Heres how.