How do I treat my dogs infected toe? The Ultimate Guide

When should I see a vet? Are dog paw infections something to be concerned about?

The treatment for paw infection will depend on the underlying cause, and a vet is the best person to diagnose that. They may need to biopsy the area. If you notice signs of an infection, it’s best to see the vet right away to rule out any other potential issues and ensure your dog gets the best treatment for their specific condition.

What causes a dog paw infection? Knowledge can aid in the prevention of this condition.

Several factors can cause a paw infection. Here are a few common ones.

  • Allergies leading to a secondary infection. Researchers say pups may have an allergic reaction to food that could trigger a secondary bacterial or fungal infection.
  • Bacteria or fungus. Bacteria or fungus can cause deep paw infections, resulting in swelling and discharge.
  • Excessive licking. When a pup’s paws get irritated, such as from walking on sidewalk salt, they may try to self-soothe by licking. The opposite can happen, though. All that licking can exacerbate the issue and result in an infection.
  • Parasites. Mange mites, soil nematodes, and hookworms can all cause paw infections.
  • What Does An Infected Paw Pad Look Like?

    How do I treat my dogs infected toe?

    Infections caused by yeast or bacteria can create evident abnormalities on your dog’s infected paw. For example, scratches, spots on the pads, and pus are common indicators of an infection. Likewise, the infected paw pad may have a reddish appearance with a swelling.

    Your dog may also show some other signs of distress, such as moaning while walking. It is highly advisable to contact your vet immediately if you notice these signs in your pup. Even if the cause is not evident, professional advice helps you to ensure proper treatment of your dog’s infected paw.

    Nailbed Infection Boxer

    Although paw infections are quite common, many owners don’t give much attention to their dog’s feet. Even a cut during a walk can end up in an infected paw if it is not treated properly. Therefore, it’s extremely important to take proper care of your dog’s paw to keep your pup healthy. Keep reading to know the causes, symptoms, and treatments for your dog’s infected paw.