How do male dogs behave in heat? Simple and Effective Tips

Male Dogs in Heat Symptoms and Behavior

Male dogs have the urge to escape their homes, start urine-marking excessively, lose focus, and sometimes become aggressive whenever they want to mate.

How do male dogs behave in heat?

The closer the female pheromones that provoked this behavior are, the more acute the symptoms become.

Taking sudden escape routes is what most owners first notice in males that went to seek one of their many female soul mates.

Breaking out of the yard is not at all unusual for canines but should be avoided by placing a digging-proof fence inside your yard.

To get the female’s attention two or more males can behave aggressively toward each other.

While two males will rarely deal out fatal blows, you should always interrupt this behavior.

The male hormones will keep him active and thinking only about one thing.

During this time, the male spends time around the female without sleeping or eating whatsoever.

One of the few activities still interesting to him is marking as a way to gain notice from the female.

How to Stop a Male Dog From Smelling a Female in Heat?

If there is no chance to get your male dog far away from the female in heat, you can try using safe essential oils or menthol spray to mask the smell of the female pheromones which will calm your male dog down.

Be careful with essential oils, discuss with your vet if you see any reactions, and don’t go overboard.

For maximum effect, these sprays can be used on females so they don’t attract other intact males.

But it’s also useful for males because when you cover your dog in essential oils or menthol he won’t be able to catch most of the pheromones emitted by the female.

The spray can be used multiple times a day.

If you have both female and male dogs in your home, you should clean more often with vinegar, bathe your female with appropriate shampoo, or think about doggy diapers to mask the female’s scent.

How do male dogs behave in heat?

The living area must be cleaned more often and using vinegar as a cleaning solution is a good option because it overpowers the pheromone scent.

During the 2-3 weeks of the heat cycle, increase the frequency of baths you give the female.

Use a mild shampoo and in the usual amount.

You can also add small amounts of apple cider vinegar to the bathwater for the female as well.

Sometimes adding a physical barrier like a doggy diaper on a female dog can hide the scent a bit.

But don’t get too comfortable doing only this and keep a close eye on the female.

How to keep your male dog calm during a female’s estrus cycle

Here are the 3 things you can do to keep your male dog calm when they’re sharing a roof with an in-heat female.

  • Separate the dogs. Under no circumstances should an intact male and an in-heat female dog be kept near each other if you’re trying to avoid pregnancy. Keep the dogs separated until the female’s heat cycle is over. Put the dogs in rooms on opposite sides of the house for maximum distance. If you’re limited on space, you can keep your male dog outside in the yard and the female dog indoors. Don’t keep your in-heat female dog outdoors, she may attract nearby male dogs or try to escape to find a mate. An alternative for keeping your dogs separated is having the male dog board in a kennel or at a vet’s office where boarding services are available until the female dog is no longer in heat. Having a friend or family take your male dog off your hands for a while is a cheaper way of doing it.
  • Mask the in-heat female’s scent. You’ll need to create a conducive environment in your home by keeping the scent of the in-heat female under control. One way of doing this is by keeping your house clean. While cleaning is something you should be doing anyways, it’s especially important when you have an in-heat female dog. An in-heat dog produces a freely-dripping discharge which is not only messy, but the primary source of male attracting hormones and pheromones. Clean the house using vinegar or bleach for hard surfaces and shampoo for your carpets to mask the scent. Also make sure you clean the in-heat dog’s bedding regularly. Additionally, you’ll need to bath your dog more frequently using a mild shampoo. Adding a splash of apple cider vinegar in the rinse water will help mask the smell. Applying a menthol rub or spray onto the tail of the female dog will also help, but make sure she doesn’t lick it before it dries as it can be toxic. Also, be careful not to get the menthol on any sensitive parts as it could be very irritating.
  • Exercise is good for everyone. Exercise is a great way to distract and calm your dog while expending a big portion of their aggressive energy. Play with both the dogs separately; the male outside and the female indoors, and provide them with toys to keep them busy and relaxed. Your male dog should be walked regularly, and ensure that he gets a walk that is long enough for his size and breed. Avoid walking your female dog when she’s in heat as this could cause trouble with other nearby male dogs. You can however take her out in a fenced in area and supervise her the entire time so that she doesn’t get into trouble.
  • Another remedy you could try is a physical barrier. Place a Doggy Diaper on your female dog. This will collect any discharge and will help mask the scent from your male dog. Make sure you change the diaper regularly so as to prevent any possible infection.

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